What components are involved in drain cleaning?

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Our drains nowadays are built with a trap mechanism (an S or D trap) which filters out big, solid waste and with a vent which filters out the methane gas resulting from decomposition. These traps are found in your household at the toilet bowls and under the sink where they help reduce the need for drain pipe cleaning. Named S or D trap after their shape they are components mandated by the local building and sanitary codes, along with drain cleaning, and they have to be vented regularly.
Drain cleaning procedures

If you are a bit of a handyman and like solving house problems on your own then do it yourself drain cleaning is the way to go. For minor and medium main drain cleaning or drain pipe cleaning procedures there are a few approaches you can take on the cheap. To begin with, drain cleaner products into your pipes will help break stuff that is clogging your pipes and drains. They are cheap and come ready to use with eco-friendly products available in hardware stores or online.

Corroded drain pipe cleaning
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Most people just throw drain cleaner chemicals into the pipes for main drain cleaning but that is wrong. First, pull out and inspect the clean-out plug from under the trap or from the main drain pipe. Use a wrench to unscrew it (it has a square top) and then you can proceed with drain pipe cleaning. Get a steel band, a wire or an auger from the hardware store (tell them its for drain cleaning) then used it to snake the drain pipe. Also, keep house traps clean by removing accumulated sediments and flushing them with hot water on a regular basis.

A lot of drain cleaners are made of toxic and corrosive chemicals. Make sure to read the package instructions thoroughly and to choose the proper product for your drain pipe cleaning: ie the contents should be safe for PVC or galvanized pipes. Use a face mask and protective eye wear to prevent health hazards and accidents. Nowadays, for environment protection and for your own safety we recommend buying Eco-friendly drain cleaning products. They have the same cleaning power as the toxic ones but with a lot less environmental impact.

Leaking drain cleaning

Keep in mind home made remedies that could be used in a pinch for drain cleaning. Some are as simple as letting the hot water run continuously for 10 to 15 minutes to help with the drain pipe system cleaning. Add vinegar (a well known cleaning agent) or baking soda and a plunger or auger which will help heaps when drain cleaning. But if the situation gets out of hand and you have to deal with leaking gaskets and messy backflow then professional drain cleaning services will be required.
Things to remember

Decomposition in the drain pipes is normal, sediments deposit and organic matter decays. Besides hairballs and other human organic materials, drains can get clogged by small stray animals (like rodents) or small roots washed in my the storms. Ask a professional drain cleaning service for a full inspection if you suspect any of these occurrences.
Drain cleaning services

Professional services for drain cleaning are usually offered by plumbers. It might get expensive but sometimes the drain issues are too big for you to handle on your own. Plumbing professionals have the necessary drain cleaning devices and tools that you cant just buy from the store. They use professional grade augers, water leak detectors, pipe soldering tools and even a video bore scope with a wireless camera for deep pipe inspection.

Th best you can do to avoid main drain cleaning is prevention with early detection and intervention. Use Eco-friendly drain cleaners regularly to ease the sediment buildup and avoid drain pipe cleaning. Always use a metallic filter over the drain in your sink and bathroom to retain big debris and prevent it from getting stuck further down the pipes. If you have an external trap in your house, make sure to inspect it regularly, empty it and replace the liquid agent used inside the trap.

These are just a few tips on better maintenance for your pipe and drains aimed to help avoiding costly drain cleaning and unnecessary drain pipe cleaning. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to ask.

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