What Collagen Injections Can Do Against Wrinkles

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These injectables are mainly used to improve the appearance of skin texture, filling our wrinkles, creases and furrows which are common byproducts of the aging process. These can also work on increasing fullness in "sunken" cheeks, on the lips, on skin depressions, may even be used to remove a few types of scars. A facelift or a browlift is often employed on sagging in the face and brow due to loose skin.
The problem of wrinkles can be traced down to the production of two special proteins that are responsible for the skin's youthful appearance: collagen and elastin. Collagen provides support and stability, connecting the skin to the underlying tissues. Made up of strong fiber, it confers firmness and thus, a youthful appearance. As time passes by, aging significantly decreases collagen production, resulting to sagging. Elastin, on the other hand, is responsible for the skin's elasticity and flexibility, giving the skin its characteristic shape and suppleness. Like collagen, elastin degenerates as age increases, resulting to wrinkles.

In response to this predicament, anti-aging wrinkle creams were developed, targeted on stimulating increased collagen and elastin production. A lot of products claim to contain collagen and elastin, when in reality both proteins cannot be applied topically because they cannot cross the skin barrier. Products aimed at stimulating protein production take time before the effects start to manifest, thus technology developed the injectables. These can provide an immediate answer to the dilemmas of the aging.

But then, injectables are only temporary. As soon as the collagen wears out because of metabolism, another injection would be required to regain the appearance. Aside from that, these injectables, which are considered foreign particles, may induce a variety of reactions in the body. The collagen used in injectables come from animals, and it is only recently that a synthetic collagen exactly similar to that produced in the human body was developed. This synthetic collagen however, is not yet used for cosmetic purposes. So that would imply that the collagen still used in injectables are those from animals.

If you want rapid relief from the consequences of aging, then collagen injections are the right answer. But if you can still wait, you can try the safer route via anti-wrinkle creams.

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