What can you do to reduce global warming

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Being a poor man or woman does not mean that you cannot reduce global warming. It is not something that cannot be dealt with as all it requires is a bit of effort and a fair amount of dedication.

Each and every day a poor man or woman strives hard to earn a meager amount of money to return back home with a bit of satisfaction and at this point of time to expect from him to do efforts that

could reduce global warming is not apt. Being rich, you can do lots and you should do.

This condition is already disrupting the lives of many and majority of its effects can be seen on the weather around us. At present whatever is happening is a mere glimpse of the devastating

efforts of global warming as these effects are going to worsen in the coming generations.

What can a poor man or woman do to reduce Global Warming?

Poor people are most exposed to the weather changes as they don't have enough chunks to buy an Air conditioner or a Cooler. There are some simple things that can be done by a poor man or woman in

the process of reducing the effects of global warming. Lets us check what can you do to reduce this even if you don't have enough money in your pockets:

• Try To Get Educated: Education about global warming can play a vital role in your efforts of reducing the ill effects. The more facts and figures that you know about this, the more serious

efforts you can direct towards the direction of global warming. You can make use of the energy efficient techniques in your daily behavior such as recycling, utilization of solar power and many

more. You need to keep in mind that your single serious effort could turn out to be a building block in the entire effort cycle that wants to attain reduction in the level of such weather condition
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all over. Always remember that as it is your responsibility towards your family to earn them bread and butter, it is your responsibility towards the society to educate yourself and others about the

basis concepts of global warming and what efforts could lead to its reduction.

• Try To Make Use Of Recycled Paper: Making use of recycled paper, not only reduces the chances of excessive heat generation, but you can also make some money as many NGO's offer money to those who

provide the paper used by them for the purpose of recycling. Try to recycle your paper only when the same has been used up completely.

• Buy Locally Made and Locally Grown Products: Buying of locally made and locally grown products saves you a fair amount of money and besides this it helps in the reduction of the amount of

artificially grown things that contain harmful chemicals that increase the ill effects such as increase in the land temperature and also plays a vital role in reducing the environmental effects of

global warming.

• Please count your consumption of carbon: Keeping track of the consumption of carbon does not require much money and resources. There are many companies that count the carbon consumption of an

individual voluntarily without charging even a single penny. You can try to buy the products which have footprint number which is carbon counted and there are many rewards for those who take a

serious step towards counting their carbon consumption.

• Support Those Who Produce Renewable Energy: If you are a poor man or woman you might not be able to provide any kind of monetary help for reducing global warming, but if you stand by those and

use the products produced by the means of renewable energy, you can definitely do a great thing for the reduction of global warming.

• Grow fast growing plants: Growing of plants does not require much money and it makes the environment around you a lot better and inhabitable. You can put plants such as bamboo as they do not

require any chemicals for their growth and don't require much care also.

• Use Public Transportation: If you are making use of public transportation, you are doing a great thing for the reduction of the population and the number of emissions that have a great impact as

far as this condition is concerned. You can take a bus, a train or a subway to travel from one destination to another as this would also lessen the stress of the long road commuters who are

traveling by their private vehicles.

• Take A Bicycle Ride: Riding a bicycle is also an excellent alternative to travel from one place to another and reach to your destination. It does not require any fuel, and nor does it asks for

any kind of maintenance. When you are riding a bicycle you are playing a vital role in the removing of road congestion which is turn is reducing the number of harmful emissions and this all is at

the end of the day taking you a step forward in your intention of doing something to reduce global warming.

• Use Refills As Much As Possible: Refills means that you are conserving energy and talking of the practical element of buying refills, you have to pay less for a refill as compared to buying a new

bottle as at this time the bottle charges are excluded. Don't go in for buying a new jar each time you require anything if the refills for the same are available.

Efforts to reduce global warming are required from both rich and poor and the ones who understand the relevance of the situation and take this issue with utmost seriousness can obviously play a

vital role in reducing the ill effects or at least reducing the effects to the maximum possible extent. So, even if you are a poor man or woman take up the responsibility of an aware and

responsible human being and an active member of the society by making all the possible efforts to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.

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