What Can We Do to Reverse Climate Change?

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Moving towards the use of clean energy with no environmental impact does more than simply reduce the probability of climate change. It can have a lot of other benefits, including:

1. The overall improvement of health for every living human being on the planet.

2. Economic growth, including the creation of industry and with that - new jobs and investments.

3. A sustainable way to produce clean energy that we never have to worry about exhausting.

We have always been known to use resources as though they come from an endless supply, not worrying about the consequences of this consumption. Unfortunately, as the decades pass, the results of this train of thinking are obvious.

Many large cities have poor air quality that hangs over the skyline in the form of smog. We have air quality reports so that those with the worst breathing problems can stay indoors to prevent asthma attacks or hospitalization during the times when the smog is the thickest. Usually, this occurs during the heat of summer, when the exhaust from vehicles is prevented from moving because the hotter air does not circulate.

We need to start considering using less fossil fuels, such as gasoline and oil and move towards forms of clean energy. We do have the technology to make a change. There are such things as electric cars, but the problem is that they are not legal in every country. Some cities have ordinances that allow a person to operate an electric car, but only within the limits of that city. This makes it impractical for people who need to get around in other places to own such a vehicle.

We can start to be more proactive in conserving energy by carpooling when possible, taking public transportation if practical and telecommuting if our employers allow it. In our world of modern technology, it is now possible to work from home at least a few days of the week by connecting to a desktop platform from a remote location.

There are so many ways that we can all reduce our use of non renewable resources, and if we can all get together on this, we will be able to make an effective change over time by replacing our use of traditional energy sources with clean energy. Sometimes this means making small changes that we can live with, and these add up over time to bigger changes. It can be as simple as heating one room in your home, and ensuring that you turn off lights when you do not need them.

Blair J.D. is an environmentalist who's mission is to help inform people about simple energy saving tasks we can do on a daily basis. Visit YourGreenEnergy.net to Make solar panels from home and save energy and the environment.

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