What can politicians learn from bloggers

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There a lot of things that politicians can learn from professional bloggers. Here are a few things to explore.

Politicians around the world are constantly striving to find ways and means to get an edge over their competitors in order to get elected to office and if they are already in office, they are looking for ways and means to get re-elected. Every trick that is available from dirty campaigning to mudslinging has been used in the past in the strive to get into office or hold on to the seat in office. Many of the more powerful politicians have entire staffs of people that comprise analysts and such that comb public opinions and posture to determine what stand that their candidate needs to take on various issues so that the goal of getting elected or re-elected is met.

In order to succeed in the process, while politicians use every vantage point, every available option to explore and every bit of information available both from the public that they are supposed to represent as well as about their opponents. In this article, we will deal with what these aspiring politicians can learn from expert bloggers in order to achieve their goal of success in elections.

Successful bloggers perform sufficient research on every post prior to publishing it. Similarly, prior to taking a stand on any issue, politicians need to perform sufficient research by way of polls and opinion statistics and weigh out the pros and cons of their stand before making it public. They must realize that the stand they take must represent the majority stand of their constituents even if that is not their personal stance. Politicians need to learn from bloggers the importance of their linguistic abilities. A blogger that can express his or her thoughts in a free flowing, easily understandable manner is more apt to get repeat visitors as opposed to one that is hard to understand and has poor language skills. Hence politicians need to have an excellent command over language and develop high levels of oratory skills. Next, politicians need to connect with their electorate often. This is akin to publishing posts by bloggers often. Publishing frequency is important in blogging and similarly, politicians need to be visible more so to the public than ever before in the day and age of politics today.

Next comes the comment addressing etiquette of bloggers. Successful bloggers have to respond to comments in a timely and polite manner. This is true of politicians who have to respond to letters and e-mails sent to them by their constituents. After all, without the support of their constituents there is no way of getting into office or staying in office, just like without readers, a blog is of no value. Thus, while the world of politics may seem worlds away from the world of blogging, there are a lot of things that politicians can learn from down to earth professional bloggers than it may seem.

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