What are you doing wrong while being on a diet?

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You are probably one among many others who have tried different diets over the years and because you are reading this, I guess they werenít very successful. Each of them promised results but it was not the truth for you.
You have probably noticed that some people on diet do lose weight but for some others is never happening. So why is that? You probably were desperate where your friend of partner started the same diet and he/she got some results but the same diet didnít work for you in the same way or even worse-didnít work at all. And the chances are you hated yourself and envied them because you also put very much effort to lose extra weight - but nothing happened.
Well, as you are different by nature, you have different attitudes, different lifestyles, your bodies are different and I am not talking just about gender. There are other differences that are generally unknown to the most people and that are much more important when it comes to our eating habits and effort to shed some pounds.

Have you noticed how you and your friends and family differ when it comes to eating? You are rather different regarding everything- quantities, number of meals, foods preferences. You must have noticed how some people like salty, some like sweet more and some even sour but others find it distasteful or even disgusting. Some enjoy large quantities of meat and some prefer rise and vegetables instead.
It might be because they are accustomed to it -because is well established in the culture, their mother or granny cooked in one way or another but chances are that is actually about something else.
So I would like to share with you some things I find interesting because I havenít hear about it before. Some things are quite amazing and worth knowing because it can certainly help us to regain our ideal weight. And it is evidenced by many satisfied people throughout the world.
In our war with pounds and many battles unfortunately lost, essential is to find out which is our body type when it comes to metabolism. That can be different for each and every person and it doesnít mean if you father or mother or sister is one type that you should be the same one. Now, you are probably imagining some complicated schemes which are difficult to follow but no- it is nothing alike. You can easily find it out by only watching your body response to different kind of food in different combinations. For example, you should get the answer to some questions like this: Does the food you take create some digestive problems for you, or do you feel overfull or hungry after eating a large meal, do you feel energetic after meal or perhaps sleepy and slow?

This would be a very simply task to perform because you only have to pay close attention to body response because it is the source that always knows what is best for you. You only have to see and observe and your body will tell you.
After that, you should adjust your personal meal plans by properly combining fats, carbohydrates and proteins and use the best food for your body. You must realize why certain food is ideal for you so that you can chose the best one and incorporate it in your eating habits and meals. The key is in the variety, good quality food and the right number of meals that will take care of your needs and tastes.
You do not have to starve yourself and withheld yourself of your favourite food but only made some adjustments. You will see how better will you feel and look because this is not another crush diet but the real stuff that works well to you path to success. And success is losing weight, being healthy, feeling more alive and more energetic.
Sound interesting, isnít it? I hope you will it find useful and give it a try because it is both simple and effective.
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