What Are the Differences Between Amazon's Kindle 1 & Kindle 2?

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Upcoming to the creation of the much super release Kindle Two which is meant to be higher performance and nicer than the Kindle 1, you may be asking how about yourself whether you should buy the newer version or stick with the best selling Kindle 1. If that's the case then keep on, this review will take you through the changes between the two versions of this super epub and ebook display.

1st just viewing at the two devices you'll see a lot of changes. The
Kindle Two is a lot thinner than its older model at only 9 mm wide and it only feels the same as before it is now simpler to sit and read around.

The size of the screen is also the exact same at 600x800 but the new upgrade has clearer display so that you'll now get about 16 shades of grey better than the four of the first Kindle.

This makes the text on the lcd easier to enjoy and quite clear. Of course the first version still had good readability and at first glance you might not see much of a difference, but after clicking through many pages you will appreciate the subtle crisper text. The back ground has also changed from a slight look of paper look in the first to a clear flat plate in the second.

While the Kindle Two is meant to be nicer at changing pages
and overall super speed, we can not say we saw any significant changes between the two, after all it was not like First Kindle model was sluggish - it was not!

The changes that were massive and were enough to justify considering an upgrading was the design changes in the Kindle 2 version. The on button is now handy on the top of the device rather than the back which makes it much easier to turn it on and off. The sound controls have also been moved to a flip switch now on the right hand side of the device.

The movement system is now much more intuitive with the 'next' button sitting conveniently where your thumb sits so you can easily turn the page and it feels more natural.

Overall the changes between Amazon's ebook reader 1 and 2 are small but do increase your ebook reading entertainment.

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