What are Good Baby Names

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When naming your baby, you want a good name. You may not want to follow the same path of celebrities who name their kids after fruit. Then again, that may be the way you prefer. The great thing about naming your child is that you can name him/her whatever you feel is appropriate. You just have to keep in mind that what you name your child is going to be the name that they must use for the rest of their life.

In 2009, a new list of the top baby names was released. The list is based upon what is reported by the Social Security Administration and research firms. However, the list does slightly change each year.

Best baby names

As it stands, the best baby names at the moment include the following and could vary based on where you look:

For boys, top names include: Denver, Troy, Brooklyn (unisex), Houston, Milan, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Cairo, Jordan

For girls, top names include: Aspen, Florence, London, Kenya, Charlotte, Dakota, Geneva, Sydney, and India

Okay, so you're probably seeing a pattern with these. These names are based on cities around the world, but have become quite poplar throughout the past couple of years. Now when digging deep into some statistics, it is quote common to find some similarities across several lists with the following names:

Ethan and Emma
Noah and Isabella
Jacob and Ava
Aiden and Olivia
Jackson and Madison
Jack and Sophia
Logan and Abigail
Ryan and Emily
Matthew and Chloe
Jayden and Addison

This list more or less coincides with the Social Security Administration's list of the most popular names that have been reported to them when parents have been applying for social security numbers for their babies.

In 2010, the list may change a little bit, but not much. This is determined by trends of the past. For instance, the names Emma and Jacob have been top names for years now. The name Ethan has also had quite the run on the list, just as Matthew has. As new names are developed, these names may fall a few places, but it is very likely they will remain high on the list.

Good baby names

As for good baby names, it is entirely up to you. You have several factors that you need to look at when naming your baby. You have family tradition and you also have culture at play. If neither is really a concern, then you be the judge as to what makes a good baby name for you.

If you have someone in your family that you want to name your baby after, then do it. For instance, you may wish for your baby to be a Jr. Then again, you may want your baby to have a name that is completely different. Many individuals like it when their children have unique names so that there aren't 10 Jacobs or 10 Emmas in their Kindergarten class. But it is all about what you feel when naming your child.

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