What Are Bayeux Tapestries?

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Many people are unaware of what Bayeux tapestries are exactly. You will find that these particular tapestries are great when it comes to being able to decorate your home and improving the overall décor. You will find that there are a lot of different types of Bayeux tapestries that you will be able to chose from. These particular tapestries originate from Europe and are made with the help of jacquard machines where they are then hand finished. They are hand finished to help with the overall look of the tapestries.


Unlike canvas art, Bayeux tapestries are made from a type of embroidery. This embroidery is going to be about 20 inches tall and around 230 feet long. An interesting fact about Bayeux tapestries is that they are not truly tapestries. These being a type of embroidery take away from them being able to be a tapestry.

The Bayeux tapestry is actually embroidered into wool yarn using tabby woven linen ground. They will need to use more than one method of stitching to make them. They will use a stem or outline stitch whenever they are working on the lettering as well as the outlines of all of the figures.

As for the filling in of the figures they will use laid work or couching. This particular linen will then be assembled into different panels. These panels will then be patched in several different places.


Bayeux tapestries are going to narrate stories. They will often focus primarily on all of the events that lead into as well as including the battle of Hastings. This battle took place on October 14th of the year 1066. The actual images of the way have been reproduced with the help of the Bayeux tapestries.

With the help of these particular tapestries, the glory of the Norman Conquest of England has been restored. The same can be said when it comes to the drama and the actual story of Harold of Wessex as well as Duke of Normandy.

These tapestries can help to put you into the mind set of these young men and the feelings that they must have felt. You will be able to appreciate the sadness as well as the beauty of these battles.


It is thought that these bayeux tapestries were put on display at the Bayeux cathedral. It was actually consecrated about 11 years after Hastings.

This tapestry was considered a Norman document. However, the figures’ style that was sewn into the colored wools makes some believe that the Englishmen that were from Canterbury stitched these tapestries. These particular wall hangings were mentioned in 1476 in the inventory of the Bayeux cathedral. It has been noted that back in 1792 the French revolutionaries used the aforementioned tapestry as a wagon cover.

It was used as this until a local lawyer found it and took it. Some believe that this lawyer was able to rescue and restore the history of this great battle. There were 2 missing panels from this particular tapestry that many believe would have shown William on his throne of England.

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