What Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies Would you Use for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party?

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If you or your kids admire Alice in Wonderland, consider hosting an Alice in Wonderland designed party. With a slightresourcefulness and some Alice in Wonderland party supplies, you'll be able to come up with a fantastic, distinctive and awesome party experience for all of your attendees.

Pre-Party Preparation

Begin by thinking about which scenes from Alice in Wonderland you would certainly like to re-enact at selection since it enables you to have fun while offering tea and snacks. Your snacks should go together with the party's motif. For example, you can order cupcakes that say "Eat me" or put labels on sodas that say "Drink me." You might possibly consider continuing the tea party into a dinner party and have everyone bring a food that denotes one of the characters at the tea party.

Whether or not you consider to have a tea party or dinner party, you may wish some Alice in Wonderland themed games, such as a chess game played by live people or a backwards race where the purpose is to come in last. Since the majority of these types of games are played in the open air, you'll need to have back-up ideas in case of rain or other bad weather.

An alternate choice to playing games is watching a movie edition of Alice in Wonderland or having each guest to come dressed up as a character from the story. The host must acquire Mad Hatter costumes for themselves and his children. After all, it is the Mad Hatter's party.


The invitation cards are an vital part of your Alice in Wonderland party supplies. Use your creative thinking when making invitations. Make an effort to compose them the way the Mad Hatter would; use nonsense rhymes and wordplay to make the invitations enjoyable and absurd. If you would like to assign a character to each guest, you can put a label to the back of a giant playing card and include it in the invites. You can also request each guest to carry a piece of a tea set so that you can have appropriately mismatched sets or construct silly food names for them to bring.

Arrangements and Party Favors

You'll really have to make your house into a Wonderland cottage on the day of the occasion. The crazier the design are, the better. Come up with a centerpiece out of a teapot and flowers or weeds from your garden rather than using cut flowers in a vase like you would for a regular party. When you're making use of your own teacups and saucers, be certain to set each cup next to a saucer that doesn't complement it at all, and bring paper plates that are even more inadequate to each table setting. Think about purchasing other Mad Hatter costumes or costumes featuring other characters and putting them in the chairs to show guests where to sit down.

As soon as the celebration is finished, you'll prefer to provide each guest home with a packet loaded with crazy souvenirs so that they won't forget how much amusement they felt in Wonderland. Beaded necklaces and white gloves make incredible party favors, and if your party comprises of kids, stickers or copies of the book are commonly a big success.

An Alice in Wonderland themed party could be lots of entertainment if you plan it right and pick up some Alice in Wonderland party supplies. Supplies don't have to be very costly; imagination goes a long way when considering this kind of party.

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