What A Young Filmmaker Needs To Know

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To get into filmmaking, there is no real limitation of age. It is mainly the passion and hard work that drives you to excellence. A child aspiring to be a filmmaker does not have to wait till he grows old to make films. You can also start your career in your childhood by making short films. First think about your genre of interest. Is it sci-fi, comedy, horror or perhaps surreal in nature? It is not like you are alone. There are many other aspiring teenagers who took assistance from commercial production or other production services. They are now big names in the industry.

The key element here is passion. There is an advice to all those budding film-makers is to never lose hope, and keep moving forward. Apart from passion, you also need the right kind of guidance. Here are some tips to help you on the way.

* Finding the right resources is a daunting task indeed. See if your school can be a bit of help in this case. Check if your school has some editing stations. They can prove to be a great learning experience. Also see what type of camera is used in recording school performances. If buying the right equipment is not possible then try to find someone who can lend or rent it to you.

* The next step is to pick the right locations. Once again, you will need to borrow. But before that see if your living area can work. Drive around to search for a place that may appear close to the set you want. If you cannot find any decent place, then look for people willing to lend their place. Another option is to use some local performing arts theatre stage as the set. Obviously, you can do so only after their permission.

* Up next is driving up the crew. You have to assemble the director, cameraman and the rest of the technical staff. You will also be having actors on the set. But of all people, you should be aware of what is going on at all times. Being a filmmaker is not just about directing the cast, you need to groom your skills in every aspect of this art.

* Of all things, finding the right actors is the most difficult task. For this, rely on people whom you already know. Tell your actors what you want, and teach them the tricks of the trade on the spot. Do not get de-motivated if they cannot catch a certain part of the script.

* Another important factor in filmmaking is the need to analyze your budget earlier on. For instance, if you are working on a 5 to 10 minutes video, then check if you have got enough to manage the project. In case you are short of funds then again go for the burrowing approach. Technically speaking, this approach tends to work at some point.

After you successfully complete your short film, look for sources where you can release it. Show it to your fellow school mates through proper channel and release it over the internet. This way you will get unlimited coverage to showcase your talent.


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