Westhof Forged Knives vs Stamped Knives

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Buying a good set of knives is an important purchase for any household - and getting the best quality for your money is a big consideration when choosing which knives to buy. While the initial outlay for forged blades is higher than for stamped blades, purchasing quality German forged steel is worth it in the long run - just ask any professional chef!

The pros buy forged blades for several reasons. First and foremost is the safety factor -Stamped blades are thinner and less sturdy than forged steel and can twist under pressure. In a busy kitchen, having a blade that won't bend or slip across the cutting board is a key factor in keeping fingers from getting cut! Forged knives also tend to be much better balanced in a cook's hand; this means one is less likely to get sore hands and wrists when doing a large amount of cutting. Another reason is that forged blades are worth spending a few extra dollars on is that they can be sharpened much more efficiently than a stamped blade - not having to replace a knife every year because it won't cut will definitely cut down on kitchen equipment expenses.

Yes, Stamped Blades have their benefits as well - they are unquestionably lighter, cheaper, and easy to clean and replace (every kitchen store carries them, and dishwashers won't damage the edges of a serrated or toothed stamped cutting implement). But with a little bit of attention to care, and an initial investment in quality, a good set of forged kitchen knives will pay off in the years to come.

As you can see, there are severald different styles of Wusthoff Kives. If your in the market for a Wusthoff Knife Set come stop buy!

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