Western Australia implement SMS Solutions - Trial sends Best Messages to New Mums

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In an effort to support new mums and increase breastfeeding rates, Queensland University of Technology, recently began an SMS text message trial. Senior lecturer, Dr. Danielle Gallegos started a preliminary study when she found mums struggling with breastfeeding indicated that SMS-based resources where information could be found would be helpful. Plus, the group would be able to send SMS from the Internet.

When designing the preliminary study, the School of Public Health group noticed that new mums especially younger mums used their mobile devices and cell phones as an essential way of connecting to their friends and family after the baby was delivered. Sending supportive message via text message seemed and ideal way to communicate with new mums because they could send and receive text messages throughout the day and night.

As an example, if a new mum is struggling with breastfeeding issues such as pain, social stereotypes, even getting their infant to respond, she can respond to an SMS message and receive an encouraging and helpful response along with hints as to how to get through the difficulties. In addition, new mums will have access to telephone hot lines specifically focused on helping women cope with breastfeeding issues and struggles, so they have the resources they need immediately at hand.

Dr. Gallegos indicated that not all women are comfortable with or capable of breastfeeding, and so the trial was designed to ensure that the SMS text messages were non judgemental. The messages avoid any overtones of guilt and stay away from implying the act of breastfeeding is easy and natural.

Located over 350 kilometres from Perth and covering an area of nearly 5,000 square kilometres, the Shire of Gnowangerup in Western Australia has implemented an innovative SMS server solution to communicate crucial community information to business owners and civilians. Fast and reliable communication in an area with fire and flood seasons has never been so available. Rapid SMS messaging software communication between volunteer fire fighters and instant notices of harvest and vehicle movement bans ensure better safety for farmers and business owners on days of high risk.

The Shire of Gnowangerup council decided that the advantage of direct communication in all relevant emergency situations to business owners, stakeholders, and constituents trumped any other communication method. Because emergency personnel can text message from computer or from their own mobile devices, they are not hampered by location when an emergency situation arises. When necessary and available, of course, they can also send text messages online to those who need the information.

The result has been secure and speedy communication that is essential when dealing with fires and notifying fire brigade volunteers. When roads are washed out due to high water, freight companies know before they send drivers in that direction. Participants in the network receive messages about community meetings and the Shire staff and health workers rely on text messages to communicate not only with each other but with their patients as well. Web SMS communication has proved to be so effective for the Shire of Gnowangerup that they are laying claim to the title of 'Australia's best connected community'.

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