Were your teachers as old as you thought?

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Good day everyone.

Yesterday's question of the day was: "Were your teachers as old as you thought they were"?

The question focused on getting older. As we get older the young seem to get younger and younger. When we were children our teachers seemed old to us. Due mostly because we associate age wisdom with age.

Truth is; most of our teachers, particularly in our early elementary years, were probably just out of college and in a 20 something age bracket.

Growing up we were taught to respect our elders. Not bad advise since age produces experience, and experience produces knowledge, and knowledge produces wisdom.

But consider the 40 year old business executive, that refuses to work for a company simply because his boss would be a 25 year old "kid". Despite the fact that this "kid" is a marketing genius who led the company in many multi million dollar marketing campaigns. The 40 year old was raised to respect his elders and now thinks he deserves respect from this "kid".

The 25 year old marketing executive most likely does indeed respect his would be employee who just happens to be 15 years his senior. Some people just do some things better than others. My 6 year old Grandson can kick my butt in video games, I can figure percentages on the spot. Neither one of us is better than the other in terms of respect. 50 years from now he may be a mathematical wiz. We respect each other because respect is earned, not a right of passage.

So, in my analogy of the two executive's there would seem to be a line between age and maturity.

That's just my opinion of course. I welcome your comments at my website http://www.bobatlex.com/Question-of-the-day.html

But that does lead me to tomorrow's Question of the Day:

The Census Bureau shows there are more and more
married couples that are more than 5 years apart in age.
My daughter is 10 years younger than my son-in-law,
but It seems to work great for them.
A raised eyebrow, second looks, nods of "knowing approval", and unpleasant frowns can all be expected. It seems as if some acceptable standard has been violated if there is a discernible age difference in a relationship. Obviously (or at least it should be obvious)

a relationship with a minor is unexceptable....otherwise;

Tomorrow's Question of the Day is;

When the age difference unexceptable in a relationship?

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