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Tropicalaser was founded in 2007 through a partnership between business and marketing professionals and medical professionals that realized a tremendous need for the service by the American public. The first center became so successful through the efforts of its principles that many other entrepreneurs and medical professionals decided to become partners and had their own centers using the proven strategies of the company's principals. Then the company has spread, first through South Florida, and now has its sights set on the rest of the country.

The Aesthetic market, including Phototherapy and laser hair removal has grown to over $35 Billion in 2009, with over 30 million Laser Hair Removal procedures accounting for the largest share of the market, or over $5 Billion.

Tropicalaser is positioned as a value leader with the same quality as more expensive competitors. Tropicalaser invests in the latest technological equipment, while keeping other expenses low. The leadership team has developed a successful program for sales and marketing providing a consistent pipeline of potential customers to each of their locations through multiple marketing channels.

According to a recent research report*, “...The global market for aesthetic practices performed 89 million treatments in 2008 generating $34 billion in practice revenues. Annual procedure volume will grow to 139 million treatments by 2012, producing $52 billion in patient fees, as consumers increasingly opt for more advanced, premium-priced procedures.”
*Medical Insight (miinews.com)

Tropicalaser’s Mission

Tropicalaser’s Mission is to be the worldwide industry leader in full body laser hair removal services by providing our guests with the very best service and value, while remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. We will achieve this through exceptional training programs for our medical staff and management team and partners, giving them every opportunity to exceed guest expectations.

Members of the board

E. Leo Hernandez (Chairman)
Mr Hernandez has a business and marketing background with a proven track record of success including another project called The Berkley Group with head quarters in Ft Lauderdale in which Mr Hernandez invested 12 years of his life as a director and helped with his knowledge of sales and marketing to increase the value of the stock to several billion dollars and emerge as one of the leaders in the industry. Although Mr Hernandez remains as one of the share holders with The Berkley Group , in 2007 decided to leave The Berkley Group to dedicate himself full time to the development and growth of the Tropicalaser brand.

Maria G. Evanoff CME (Vice Chairman-Treasurer)
Mrs Evanoff has a law degree with a minor in business administration and is one of the co- founders of Tropicalaser sharing in the vision of the company, Mrs Evanoff is a crusial part of the rapid growth and success that tropicalaser has experienced.

Dr Gerry Perez MD (Director)
Dr perez has believed in the project from the begining and was one of the first that got involved with one center in Kendall, Fl and subsequently got involved with a second center in Doral Fl. Dr Perez is now a board member and his contribution to the growth of Tropicalaser continues to be an important one.

Madeline Perez RN (Director)
Mrs Perez is also a respected medical professional that has joined her husband Dr Perez in the day to day operations of their two centers and contributes with her input and plays an important role all decisions of the board.

Nangelyn Angulo (Director)
Ms Angulo was the first to get involved with a center located at Mercy Hospital in Miami and plays an important role with her strong marketing background and knowledge of corporate branding and expansion. Ms Angulo is currently opening another center and plans to open more.

Dan Villasmil (Director)
Mr Villasmil also has a business and marketing background and currently owns two centers that he helps to operate in Aventura, Fl and Boca Raton, Fl. Mr Villasmil is a great contributer of ideas and has played a crusial role in the quick expansion and continued expansion of Tropicalaser.

Linda Enbar
Mrs Enbar has a banking and accounting background and currently owns part of two centers and is opening a third.

Claudia Cardone (Director)
Mrs Cardone is part owner of one center and runs the day to day operations at The Aventura Hospital center.

Jaime Mejia (Director)
Mr Mejia is part owner at the Boca Raton Hospital center and has a business background.

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