Welcome to the Kingdom of the New York Mentalist

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‘Mentalism’ is a performing art, where the Persons engaged demonstrate and exhibit their highly evolved psychological or instinctive talents. The practitioners with this extraordinary ability are called a ‘Mentalist’. Their acts are comparable to the acts done by a magician. The New York Mentalist perform various acts such as: hypnosis, foretelling, mind reading, mind controlling, controlling the five senses, memory and mathematical feats. Mentalists are a pure source of mystical entertainment.

So touching a person, bending a spoon, exploding a light bulb simply with a gaze or reading the mind of a person in the audience and many more mystical tricks is what a New York Mentalist has to offer.
Unlike the contradictory depictions of highly terrifying and dangerous stunts done by the famous magicians today, the mentalists do not combine their mental feats with magic tricks. Doing so would compare and connect mentalism to the artificial deception of magic. However they do make use of magical illusions to their performances bring out the genuine mystical connection.

Few Tricks Performed by the New York Mentalist
As with the other modes of entertainment the New York Mentalist also keep performing newer and more challenging tricks which justifies, explains and supports the mystic factor completely. Their tricks are exceptionally quintessential with the perfect embodiment of their intuitional powers. Here are a few tricks explained for you to understand this numinous art:

Telepathy: a common trick wherein there is a transfer of information about the persons feelings and thoughts between two individuals. Telepathy forms the main basis of the various para-psychological studies being done today. This trick involves the performing person reading the mind and thoughts of another person from the audience.
Hypnosis: a mental state which is usually induced on to a person in the audience by the performer. This trick takes the participant to an imaginative state wherein he is fully wake with through concentration and at the same time lessening the surrounding alertness.

Psychokinesis: a Greek word literally meaning ‘movement with the mind’. This trick involves moving an object, disfiguring an object or influencing the output from a random number generator. This trick is solely done in a deep meditative state.

Controlling the mind: refers to the trick where an individual or a group of individuals analytically use unprofessional means to substantiate and authenticate the desires of the manipulator.
Mediumship: is described as a form of communiqué with the sprits of those who have left this material world. This form of mentalism is purely done at a spiritual level.

Divination: is known as an integral part of witchcraft and has been in use since ages. It is an attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a standardized process or ritual. These divination tricks are dissimilar for different religions and cultures.
The New York Mentalist takes you to a kingdom where the extra sensory perceptions, out of the ordinary events and the supernatural miracles happen….

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