Weight loss for people who are shaped like the apple

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People who have shaped the apple is a great scheme, muscular arms, legs shoulder width makes watching football force. Sporty Body is relatively straight Rarely arc concavity Thighs and buttocks as muscle Just because you have such a shape like this. Because hormone hormone, corticosterone, and adrenaline, a hormone associated with obesity.

Because this hormone, the two-level control of carbohydrate metabolism of nutrients. Is to enforce. To the liver glycogen accumulation. And muscle glucose to bring change to the next. When the adrenal gland. Long, a disc produced both types of hormones, this is what went wrong. It makes a change. Glycogen is low power observed that the more you gain weight. Pooupooon fat goes to the body, neck shoulder arm and abdomen make you more muscular look tough you get in.. Now we see how to reduce And weight control. Of people who have this same shape.

1. The right foods to people who have shaped the apple is vegetarian. To make the system work better to burn up. But you still eat meat. Backpacks meat but with less fat such as meat, fish or chicken does not stick it movie.

2. Should abstain The dividing them over rice or flour milled nuts with salt. Since animals with chlorinated Leste The High Cholesterol. Bacon, sausage, shellfish machines in all kinds of animals, milk, plain milk, chocolate milk, sweet cream cheese, butter, ice cream, Coconut fruit in syrup or candied All kinds of preserved fruit. Animal fats and margarine, alcoholic beverages of all kinds, tea cocktail shot a chocolate sugar scrub and white

3. Should eat these foods instead of article 2, rice and cereal grain or polished as good Khgrysgoam hand, millet, corn, pasta, wheat Tong bread wheat Tong beans all kinds of non-salt tofu, meat, fish, poultry Movies do not stick. Pork and beef, eat a little eggs, 3-4 eggs per week, low-fat milk, water, milk, tofu, goat cheese, low fat, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, all kinds of vegetable oil, water, soda, mineral water 6-12 glasses of water per day. Herb 1-2 glasses per day, honey, coffee, eat no more than 1-2 teaspoons granulated sugar

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