Weight Loss - Not by Magic But With Efforts

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Loosing weight is catching up as an integral part of one's health and fitness routine due to increased obesity and weight gain syndrome in metros and urban establishments. Opposite of popular believe that is generally considered weight loss does not require any tough exercises schedules or any strict dietary practice with starving like situation, instead, it is simultaneous exercise on your part putting small efforts for the instant, however, patient weight loss results.

The primary reason for obesity is considered regular intake of extra calories which our body fails to consume due to lack of exercise or physical activities in normal course of our routine life. At any cost your weight loss not going to be miracle bringing instant result, for weight loss one has to keep patience as it is a matter of time, he would feel him to be lighter. Our body responds slowly to any change taken over in our diet or physical workout in order to reduce weight. Thus a weight loss program should involve slow changes in day to day pattern of life leading to a good amount of weight loss in the end.

One can plan his weight loss program in following manner:

• Balancing Diet -The body utilizes necessary food for energy as in calories and store extra calories in form of fat. To loose weight one does not need to start strict diet plan leading to starving like situation instead should reduce the intake of calories, planning his/ her diet. The daily diet is to be adjusted accordingly to one's height, body mass and nature of the job. Person involved in physical work require more calories in comparison to one who is doing official job.

• Do Not Stick to Strict Exercise Schedule -There is no need to start a very strict exercise schedule pushing you to four miles long run daily as it would result in fatigue and tiredness and would make you weak. Increase your exercise schedule slowly starting from slow walk to 15 minutes brisk walking and short warm up and cool down session. Rigorous pattern you can add up later on when you trained enough to take the task.

• Improvising Daily Routine - Apart from exercise and diet, there are certain changes in routine activities, which can be picked up as schedule to weight loss. Like using stairs instead of lift, exercise between office hours, indulging in sporting activities like running, swimming, cycling, tennis etc.

This way following above discussed measures, you can have a good control of fat and would have a reasonable weight loss to overall body mass.

Finally, do not try to skip meals from your daily diet as skipping meal leads to reduce your calorie intake at that time but makes you hungrier later on. Irregular habits of eating can also lead to disrupt the digestive system and does not help in loosing weight in the first instance. So keep a check on your meals and calorie intake and follow a regular exercise pattern to loose weight.

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