Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas - Making Gorgeous Glass Bowl Centerpieces for Your Wedding

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When it's your big day, you want absolutely everything to be perfect. We spend hours, weeks, months planning the wedding of our dreams-looking at every minute detail to be sure that all is exactly as it should be. The last thing you want at your celebration, then, is anything that can be considered generic or unimaginative. Unique, gorgeous centerpieces are a great way to personalize your reception and you don't even have to be crafty or creative to do so! Artistic glass bowls and vases are versatile, and beautiful in their simplicity. Here are a few tips for incorporating these pieces of art into your wedding reception décor.

Gorgeous Displays - Flowers in Glass Bowls

A glass bowl can of course look good all on its own, but to make it more festive, decorative, and to add a bit of color it's often a good idea to fill it with something or other. There are many routes you can take when filling a glass bowl to create a beautiful centerpiece. One option is to use the same flowers that were featured in the wedding ceremony itself. This ties the reception decor to the ambiance of the ceremony easily, and creates cohesion between both parts of your celebration. Play with arrangement of the flower within the bowl, or if you have larger flowers, consider filling the bowls with water and floating the flowers. Adorn the bowl with ribbon, or surround it with candles to add a bit of oomph. Remember that there is beauty in simplicity, however, and sometimes less is more. Be aware of your decor and what works.

Jellybean Centerpieces

At first glance, jellybeans may seem like a rather unusual choice for wedding reception centerpieces, but given the vast array of gorgeous colors that are available, they can be quite elegant. Finding a unique, transparent glass bowl is a great first step. You can either fill it completely with one color of jellybean, or layer multiple coordinated colors within the bowl to make it a bit more interesting. Play around and have fun! Once the jellybeans are layered and in place, you can arrange a few branches or flowers within the bowl as well. Be sure to get creative with this one - there's nothing more fun than playing with jellybeans!

Natural Elements for Bowl Centerpieces

Using objects that you can find in nature is a great way to elegantly accent a glass bowl centerpiece without spending a whole lot of money-- and it is an easy way to coordinate your wedding decor with the season, as well! Consider filling a unique glass bowl with earth moss, cool rocks in neutral colors, or perhaps shells. Pair these natural pieces with ribbon or rhinestones to create an interesting contrast that has a lot of visual appeal-- or find a bit of Zen at each table by setting the glass bowl on a bamboo or papyrus sheet. Coordinate each centerpiece to the place settings, treating it as a cohesive unit.

The wonderful thing about your storybook wedding is that you get to write it-- down to every minute detail. Allow your creativity to flow through gorgeous glass bowl centerpieces. There is so much possibility, after all!

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