Wedding planner to learn and difficult to master

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Hold a wedding, the wedding cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars more than two or three million, paid the cost of the planner is usually not high. But the will become a wedding planner, planning a wedding fee only got $ 50,000, the single highest reward to get the hand in recent years will wedding planner.

One day late last year, a magnificent wedding was held in a hotel in the Optics Valley. Double stage side of the aisle, on the table, even the air, and the whole covered with 100,000 roses, ostrich feathers as the main floral. Ostrich feather made 80 table flowers, large light stand of over 100 meters, moving head light a dining table designated lighting ... material luxury, it was revealed that all material, human and material resources together, to receive the new cost of $ 600,000, of which one alone planning fee of up to 5 million, plus the cost of wedding, wedding, diamond ring, in return, for a total of about one million Yuan.

Planners Song Ruth responsible for planning the wedding planning process is complex, lighting, music, floral whimsy into the planner's described as "broken head.

Provincial wedding industry experts said that the planning fee of $ 5 million truly embodies The Planner's head is the most valuable, but also indicates the new Wuhan increasingly recognized wedding.

Wedding planner just as the general director of the wedding. Early in the wedding, the wedding planner will help the newcomers with the choice of the date, the selection of the hotel, the selection of the wedding dress, looking for wedding venues, scene layout, as well as to determine the background music and hi smoke candy, and design for the new set of wedding programs suitable for their personality. At the same time, organizations wedding day the work arrange a good marriage scene lighting, choreography, music and rituals host. To avoid new people busy in error, wedding planner in the various programs designed unique hand gestures to guide new. The bride and groom just ears etiquette Moderator seeing wedding planner will be able to methodically ceremony. As do the ceremonial host, music, lighting Trinity synchronization, read countdown wedding planner with a walkie-talkie, unique gesture guide the couple.

Easy to learn and difficult to master the career

Wedding planner is an easy to learn and difficult to master professional, hard threshold, while not very high, but should be familiar with the etiquette, choreography, psychological 26 industries. The same time, on the details of the requirements are also very high, such as shooting machine bit, new dress choice should be thoughtful. First of all, a good wedding planner to plan the wedding of too many games in different modes, there is a lot of experience; Secondly, to have a deep knowledge and understanding; wedding culture and industry have a deeper knowledge of the culture and wedding customs; have a strong dedication, and has a certain charisma and affinity; have a rich imagination and creativity, as well as good communication skills, enthusiasm infected guests.

Wedding planner for the couple Wedding processes creative planning, the wedding site supervision, and help newcomers core executives to complete their dream wedding. According to the requirements of the wedding couple and wedding services company, independent planning wedding program can accurately monitor the whole process of planning the implementation of the program planners. Wedding planner to make personalized arrangements according to the customer's specific situation, planning the implementation of a wedding program and the entire wedding site supervision. He needs to have a wide range of professional quality, not only need to have a deep knowledge of traditional culture, but also familiar with the various wedding customs, but also to accurately understand and master the new requirements.

He not only need to understand the customer needs, entered into a collaboration; customer satisfaction planning a wedding planning program will also be responsible to communicate with customers, the program of the wedding, the wedding trip program, the wedding ceremony program, intended to participate in the planning program; to perform premarital agency affairs such as the generation of set banquet on behalf of car rental agency invitations, took the contact location parks, etc., specific projects can be developed in consultation with the new; wedding supplies design and procurement; responsible for the whole process of wedding video photography and post-production; responsible for the co-ordination of the wedding day arrangements and overall coordination; responsible for the same industry market information collected and shared with the team.

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