Wedding Photography Trends - Keeping Up With the Times

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Far be it that anyone have a traditional wedding these days! No longer is the norm a groom in his tux and bride in her white gown. Nowadays, we’re not surprised to see Darth Vader marrying Princess Padme, or Superman marrying Wonder Woman. This, though, is only the beginning of trends.

Even the photographs of the wedding have begun new trends in these more modern times. No longer do we see the groom and bride standing in any traditional pose. The wedding photography trends are changing dramatically in order to keep up with the changing times of the brides and grooms.

Wedding photography is a developing discipline that requires artist ability, imagination and vastly technical skills. In yonder days, wedding photos was almost always void of emotion, romance and the underlying story behind the special union. This is a thing of the past. Today, people are looking for better wedding photography trends.

There still exists a vast majority within the wedding industry that holds on to traditional photography with pre-planned poses, the kiss, the exchanging of rings, so forth and so on. Nowadays, though, the couple expects a more modern approach for their wedding memorial. This approach has become the norm and has been in vogue for more than a decade now.

The initial understanding is that, the photographer was to capture all special events without any interference of their own, or direction from the photographer. The photographer is expected to capture the true essence of the day, as if the photographer wasn’t even there. The modern photographer, also, doesn’t limit the photos to just those that are planned, such as group photos, so forth and so on, but those moments that are considered most precious, intimate and natural. These days, there’s also videography where even the “oops’” are recorded and “sealed” to history.

The latest of all the trends seem to be shifting more toward a “fashion” sense. In other words, many of the photographs resemble pictures that can be found in such magazines as Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, GQ, American Photo and others. Couples, these days, have certain fantasies regarding their special day and they wish that their fantasy is reflected in the photographs.

Many couples, today and if possible, want to look just like the models that flood the world of advertising. In a sense, they wish that their wedding day is glamorized, as if they were celebrities and not just in their own minds. In this case, one could say that the photographer accepts the temporary role as paparazzi.

Obviously, everybody wants to be a star, but not everybody gets the opportunity. In most cases, after graduation, the wedding is the only other opportunity. It’s only fair, then, that the photographer show the attitude in the photographs that are, for all time, going to tell the story. And as time goes on, the more intricate gets the wedding photography trends.

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