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Using the worldwide web market, you can measure the performance of your new service to guide you in deciding whether to expand or not. You can even ask your friends if they “like”, “super like” or “not like” your new hairdo.
As simple as creating your poll question and response options using computer software, you can deliver the poll to your respondents at their comfort.
Your respondents may be at home with their families or in a business trip in New York but they can all participate in the poll.
In the question, you can ask anything about your service. You can ask if the respondent liked your new chicken flavor or your new house design, and provide them options to click as their answer.
Example: “Do you love the Poll iT service of New Media Services?” Response options can be as creative as “Yes, I do”, “Sometimes” and “Not yet”.
With Information Technology specialists, the poll is published at your business website. The IT specialists manage the flow of the polling using computer software.

In some instances, the poll can be forwarded through e-mails to specific respondents.
Polls also appear in websites like Facebook, Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Myspace, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter, Dig, Google Buzz, Reddit and Yahoo Messenger.
When respondents click their answers, the software collects all responses and classifies them to come up with a result. In most business sites, results appear after a respondent clicks his answer. Results can also be shown to respondents via e-mail. Others use another link for results viewing.
As the host of the poll, you need to analyze the result. The poll serves as a data on the performance of your service. Secure the data for purposes like recommending and for promotions.
In order to have a successful polling, there are simple tricks that you can do. Always remind your specialists that your goal is to increase your response rate. That is why you need to make a simple study what newsgroup or social networking site your target respondents use. Use what they use. Publish the poll in the web community that most use.

Another trick to have a hit poll is to make a personalized message when you are using e-mail invitations. Consider using their name in the salutation of your message. Begin your e-mail like this: “Dear Mr. Jones” or “Dear New Media Service Client.”
You need to K.I.S.S. it also: “Keep It Short and Simple”. Polls need to be answered in a minute with one link only. Respondents get lazy when they need to open another window to answer the poll. Moreover, state a simple question and with short-worded response options.
In the message, never forget to mention your company, your goal in doing the poll, the benefit of the respondent if he participates and the assurance of privacy for his answer. Include a clear instruction. In the last part, emphasize that the respondent can finish the poll in just five seconds or in a brief time.
You can also send reminder e-mails to assure that the respondent will not forget to answer the poll question.
A marketing strategy for successful polls includes offering incentives to respondents. You can offer your respondents gift certificates, free graphic downloads or cooking tips straight from Oprah.
Networking can also be used in web polling. You can use your friends and relatives to invite respondents, especially if the poll needs community participation.
There is much software available online if you need to create a web poll for your service. Some companies also have polling services if in case your business has no enough time to one. One of them is New Media Service which has Poll iT service.
You can post polls in social networking sites for free also. Besides its ease to create, its benefit is full.


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