Web Design: the 9 possible new trends of 2015

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Each year, the field of web design evolves, it is a process that seems to have no end and forcing web designers to be updated continuously. Every year new techniques and trends are taking hold within the web pages. In this article we will try to get a jump:

1. Sites-down increasingly longer
It is not a real novelty but from what we saw in 2014, where the sites have taken over one page sites structured on different pages, the year just begun will see the consecration of one page sites.
In fact, for users is much easier to scroll down a page (even and especially for mobile devices) to find the information sought rather than navigate to different pages.

2. Interactive sites that tell a story

If your site tells the story of a product, of a city or whatever and navigation helps a user to know the story, rather it is a true guide, then likely your site will be a trend in 2015!
Obviously, a story is told not to make it known just as well to create discussion, debate, then the site will be interactive and engaging, in this case then it will definitely become a reference site.

As an example the port site of the Space Needle

3. Absence of a large image in the header of the site
This will definitely be an interesting novelty, if in fact, until recently, was a competition to see who had the most beautiful background images than others, in 2015 this phenomenon will have a sharp decline. More space will be left of the font and the text, the pictures will be there, but will be in the portfolio or in the galleries of the presentation.
This site is a perfect example of the new trend in 2015.

4. Simplicity first!
Simplicity as the main feature of a site you are coming slowly, is a process that began when the sites are no longer made by flash and when a site has to be responsive at all costs. Effects and design elements are not essential now almost more a disorder that reason peculiarities.
Perfect example of this is the website design agency.

5. Width 100%, but central content!
Images with width 100% that adapt to any type of browser window are the must have in recent years, in 2015, however, this trend will not, you definitely will keep the width to 100% that fills the drive in any browser and on any screen, but beyond a certain size the content will remain the central and as a background there will be a solid color.

6. Photographs, Personal and high quality
During these years, the photographs are becoming the protagonists of many websites, in many cases are purchased in various stock photo readily available on the net, in 2015, however, provide more and more sites with personal photographs, taken specifically for the site and no possibility of seeing them equal to other sites.

7. Menu Responsive even on large screens
The sites responsive forcing web designers to create menus that decreases when the size of the screen under 780px turn and must be opened by pressing the button in the top pictures above right. That is the classic button that indicates that there is a menu, not all yet know, but gradually identifies it all in the blink of an eye, for this many sites in 2015 will have the menu responsive even on large screens, without changes depending on the size of the screen, as in this case.

8. Font very large and protagonists

As I mentioned in point 3, the font will be the real stars of 2015. My advice is to buy one or even point to realize if you are able. It will aim to use the large size to the Font and ensure that it is the most prominent graphic element within the site. The concept just expressed can see it on the website of Tiny Giant.

9. Performance and Speed
Now have a website, or should have, everyone: from small traders, artists, anyone with an activity.Until now the focus has been to convince of the importance of a website, but now the importance that a website has purpose has been established and understood by almost everyone. Just for this you will have, rightly, increasing demands. In 2015 there will be more space for under performing sites, each new site will ensure speed and ease of use.

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