Web Design - Tool for Non-Verbal Communication

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Web design is a phenomenal tool for non-verbal communication between an organization and its target audience. Non-verbal and verbal communications are two major types of communications. Verbal communication is incomplete without non-verbal communication. Postures, expressions and body language of a communicator add flavor to his/her verbal communication.

When it comes to business, non-verbal communication is very prominent. Does this seem unreal? Does this sound like a false statement? Havenít you ever noticed the non-verbal communication between an organization and its customers? In fact, an organization has a more non-verbal communication than verbal communication with its target audience. There are plenty of things through which an organization communicates non-verbally with its target audience.

Web design of an organization is its most important tool for this non-verbal communication. It has no expression, no postures and no body language like an individual but, even then, it does communicate non-verbally with its target audience. Do you know how it is able to do it? What are its tools for this non-verbal communication? The answer is extremely easy and simple. All the features of a web design including its colors, graphics and content are tools for non-verbal communication.

Overall look of the website is the first thing that communicates non-verbally with its visitors. When you browse a website, its design and overall look tells you about the caliber of the organization. If the overall look of the website is appealing, innovative and symmetrical then it surely creates a good image of that organization. On the other hand, if a website looks unsymmetrical and less appealing then it fails to build a sound image of the organization in front of the visitor.

Colors are magical tools for non-verbal communication. They are magical because they have an enormous power to change peopleís minds. Colors have their own language. They have a strong impact on the psychology of individuals. It is imperative to use right colors in order to develop a particular perception about an organization. Colors have phenomenal communication power. How to choose the right colors for your website? It is simple and easy. You just need to keep the nature of your business and target audience in mind and then choose the colors accordingly.

Graphics and images of the web design also hold an important part in non-verbal communication with the target audience; in fact, images are more powerful than words. A picture worth a thousand words; therefore, they can communicate plenty of things about an organization to its target audience. Images required by web designs are not simple pictures; they should be meaningful. They should have something to share with the target audience. These types of images will make the non-verbal communication, through a website of an organization, more effective and efficient.

Web content contributes heavily to non-verbal communication. The captions or tag line associated with any organization speaks for its vision and its corporate objective. It also creates a link between the organization and its target audience. Now, it solely depends upon the organization that how well it is able to communicate non-verbally and strengthen its ties with its customers.

Alan ford serves as a Communication Manager at LogoInn, a well-established graphic design company. He usually writes about Logo Designs and Web Design to share his views and experience of the industry with others to help them grow and prosper.

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