Web Conferencing Services – Step By Step Guide

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Web conferencing is considered as one of the very amazing tool to almost everyone who have used it. But it is still a mystery to many, who have not yet used the online conferencing services. There are some people who have used the web conferencing services numerous time but still they come up with some or the other problem during online conferencing. This article will provide a step by step web conferencing preparation guidance to people who are a first time user and will also solve the problem of people who in spite of using the tool multiple time still experiences difficulties.

1) Proper Planning for Better Web Conferencing
When you have thought of arranging a web conference then it means you definitely have something in your mind that you would like to discuss or show others. Make a list of people or staff you want to make a part of your web conference. Create a written document and circulate the message.

2) Adjust Web Camera
Test your web camera in advance so that you don't waste time in adjusting your camera during the crucial time, this really looks very unprofessional. Adjust the camera in such a way that you are just in the center of the screen and there will still be some 10% head room. Whatever you need during the meeting should be in front of you so that you don't have to move from the table. Your movement will just display a blurry image, which can distract or irritate others.

3) Check Microphones, Speakers & Headphones
Lock doors and switch off TVs and radios to avoid the unwanted background noise. Use a slim trim headset microphones or earphones that looks sober and does not cover your face. Test your speakers to ensure that they are enough audible for your to hear. I will discourage usage of external speakers because that will create feedbacks. The microphone will also pick up the sound from the external speakers and distract the other participants including you.

4) Dressing up for Improving Web Conferencing Services
Though you are conferencing over the Internet that does not mean you can wear anything. Avoid wearing your bathrobe or other casuals. Get your professional look. Dress up the way you would for a meeting outside the house or in an office.

5) Better Web Conferencing - Lightings
You have already planned where you are going to sit. Keeping in mind about the part of the day your online conferencing program will take place, arrange the lighting set up. Or you can make your sitting arrangement according to the lighting system in the respective room. Considering the fact that lights from behind will make you appear darker in the screen to other participants and light in front of you will illuminate your face and the area around you, decide on your sitting arrangement.

6) Good Internet Connection
Before you think of arranging for a web conferencing program, find out the bandwidth and supporting factors for uninterrupted online conferencing services.

7) Test the Software Before Using Web Conferencing
Before finally using the software on the conference day, test it by making small calls. Learn more about the specific software and the various features available.

These small tips will surely make your web conferencing program a big hit.

Author's Bio:
Liza Lewis has been in the teleconferencing service industry for more than 12 years. She knows the inbuilt features of a web conferencing tool and the requirements to establish a video conferencing session.

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