Web Conferencing and Event Webcasting Meet Anyone, Anytime!

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Web conferencing and event webcasting have emerged as an effective communication tool for organisations looking to market their products overseas. This technology allows people to interact with geographically dispersed or remotely located customers, vendors, suppliers and other business associates cost effectively. Corporate professionals can enjoy conferencing by taking advantage of the full suite of online collaborationsolutions. Owing to the unparalleled features rendered by Malaysian event conferencing solutions, conferencing is favoured by companies who deal with import/export business.

There are many online collaboration features that enable users to communicate effectively. The best software for collaboration available in the market can be used on a web browser, without downloading any additional software. Such communication platforms are cost effective as these optimally harness the bandwidth of existing Internet connection.

An administrator can set up the Internet connection such that the flow of video and voice does not interrupt the data transfer rate. Both web and event conferences can be managed easily, with the host regulating the number of participants. The moderator can also set the dial-out options and mute or unmute the participants, as required.

Such software for collaboration enables participants to transfer documents remotely. Thus, uploading and sharing text files, slide presentations, images, videos and other such documents becomes easy. Furthermore, these solutions allow professionals to grant access to others for remote desktop sharing as well as application sharing.

The seamless data transfer and accessibility features of such event conferencing platforms in Malaysia are highly appreciated by users. The Event Managers of these conferences can set up toll-free local, long distance or international calls for participants as well as record the discussion for future reference.

The web-based interface allows the host and administrator to exercise complete control over the online meeting via an easy-to-navigate interface. Such simple solutions enable professionals in Malaysia to interact face-to-face with their associates anywhere in the world from the comfort of their offices.

High Definition screen provides a clear picture and high speed Internet connection ensures no lag or loss of video or voice during event conferences in Malaysia. The smooth flow of data and excellent video quality contributes greatly in the Quality of Experience (QoE) and paves the way for greater acceptance of the service among technophobic professionals.

Usage of enterprise level webcasting solution has also increased as more Malaysian companies are finding newer ways of using online streaming technology for better workflow and productivity. The advanced webcasting services available today enable companies to train their geographically isolated personnel cost effectively.

Other applications of webcasting solutions include lead generation, marketing, hosting virtual trade shows, investor relations and online meetings. Broadcasting live events not only save considerable resources, but also enable users to reach a wider audience on an easily-accessible platform.

Web conferencing and webcasting solutions have very much streamlined corporate communication. These have provided Malaysian companies with the best mode of interacting with their associates and increasing their foothold in the market. Moreover, these save substantial expenses and increase employee productivity by allowing professionals to interact face-to-face without travelling great distances.

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