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Waste glass recycling plant machinery by 9 units, a feed hopper bottle, bottle conveyor, crusher, conveyor plant broken glass powder, sifting, mixing machine, one for cooking and particle size analyzer Supersol and automatic machines Control Panel. Hopper glass bottle about 4.5 cubic meters of waste is broken glass shatter into less than 6 mm in diameter crusher. Waste Glass Crusher Machine , and then ground into a powder, each plant an average diameter of 35 microns broken glass. Glass powder and the powder sent to the screen, eliminating impurities and they are a powder particle size is not specified. Powdered glass and add material, the mixture mixing machine, and constantly sent to the pasta mixture of powder produced by the manufacturer. This powder mixture warm, soften, and bake at 700 ~ 920 degrees Celsius temperature range of the bubble. Glass powder and the initial thickness of 15 mm into the light mixing layer porous plate and about 60 mm thickness. More than 70% of these machines originally developed by pruning.

Most of the traditional glass crusher broken glass recycling only. The resulting broken glass is used in the manufacture of glass again if it is transparent or brown, with the other broken glass mixed into the secondary concrete products, paving and blocks. Broken glass, however, is low added value, and its products for use in the enterprise is limited. On the other hand, Supersol, waste generated by the plant recycled glass, with a wide range of applications, such as civil engineering, mineral medium or light material amendments to the ground killing purification horticultural and agricultural equipment, water purification and building insulation. It is used in a variety of purposes in various fields.
Powder mixture of cooked mixture of machine production , making light porous foam or Supersol. This machine is part of a burning furnace and annealing, each of which has a light, insulation, structural fire protection, that part. The aircraft also has a conveyor belt continuous cooking.

In addition, the aircraft is equipped with 16 cooking burners to complete the preheating process, softening and cooking spray.
Tin is a metal ductility and toughness, high crystal, silver and white. Our Tin Crusher is very well, which is very appropriate tin mines. Crusher Amrita cubic diamond , , silicon or germanium crystal structure. no α-tin metal properties. This is not common to use a dull gray powder-like material, than some other specialized semiconductor applications. Dolomite crusher in the design and manufacture of micro fluidic devices and systems of the world leading position. Micro fluidics, but also for 'laboratory in single-chip ", is an emerging technology that is changing the future of instrument design.
Micro fluidic technology allows small-scale control and fluid analysis. This makes the equipment and technology, more efficient than their conventional counterparts, more profitable, smaller development.
Dolomite is to promote the boundaries of micro fluidics. We constantly develop new products and manufacturing processes. In addition to our own market leading products, we work with large and small organizations around the world to help them develop new products.
Dolomite is mainly used for basic refractoriness and furnace flow. Here you can choose the best machine Dolomite Crusher for Dolomite processing. Dolomite is a sedimentary carbonate rocks and minerals calcium and magnesium carbonate Cam (carbonate) dolomite 2 in crystals. The three - the name of diamond crystals. Dolomite plant also known as jaw crusher , ball mill, vertical crusher, Symons cone crusher. You can contact us in processing your dolomite.

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