We Need a Cell Phone Directory

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What's the deal with a cell phone directory? Or rather, without one? How can we live without the means to contact a cell phone-only person? Why should cell phones be granted any more privacy consideration than good old landlines, which are rapidly disappearing? I mean, most people used to get listed in a phone directory and one could look them up, but now ...

Why is it so necessary to stay completely under the radar and remain incognito and incommunicado? Isn't the whole point of our existence to connect with others like us? Maybe we should ask what they are hiding. A law-abiding citizen like me wants to be found. Oh sure, I know we pay for incoming calls as well, but these days everyone has pretty good plans that won't get depleted by an extra call or two. Besides, you can look at your Caller ID and refuse a call if you don't want to take it, but there is a chance that someone whom you want to find you, will (wink-wink).

Now don't get all loopy on me and go out with someone who found you in a cell phone directory and called you out of the blue. Use the cell phone directory to run all kinds of background reports on him. Look up his public records and find out more about him. Stuff like is he an axe murderer, is he married, is he a child molester - you know, the usual. You can look that stuff up, I swear. Go on, try it ... but that's not the point. The point is we need a cell phone directory.

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