We Must Always Show Respect

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Our military was caught with their pants down once again. I guess it was only their zippers that they were caught opened, but known the less they were caught with disrespect for their enemies. We must always show respect to our enemies, no matter what they do to us.

After a battle, some of our elite marines were pictured urinating on some of the dead bodies of their enemies. The bodies that once had life in them, and using that life to kill our military soldiers, were lying there dead, and some of our troops urinated on those dead bodies.

They were caught voicing the phrase, ďhave a nice day,Ē to the dead bodies, after they urinated on them.

This couldnít come out at a worse time while we are trying to negotiate peace with the Afghans.

Naturally, as expected, and as it always is, our media flocks over to this type of news and the world is calling for swift and concise action against the perpetrators of these terrible acts, and rightly so.

These acts were extremely inappropriate, and totally uncalled for. Our troops and our country are always held on a different plain then the rest of the world, even, and especially, during war.

Time would not allow me to list the atrocities that our enemies have bestowed on our military during World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, and others.

Some of the most horrid and totally abusive tortures and killings that our brave men and women have had to endure are just to shameless to even express here in this article post.

Some of the treatments that our enemies put upon our troops, makes you wonder how low and inhuman man can really be. It would make urinating on a dead bodyÖ a walk in the park.

But Iím not here to excuse this type of behavior, Iím just trying to say, that we should be more understanding of what really goes on in the field of battle. The stresses and strains of killing or be killed, way of life that you come to know and live every day, while you are out there doing battle, can break the best of anyone.

Itís a fact that our young militaryís cases of battle fatigue, have grown at a rapid rate, both on and off the field. Men and women coming home from their tours of duty, and being met with ridicule, unemployment, and rejection, just sends some over the edge.

Just ask the troops that came home from Vietnam. There were no fanfare or ticker tape parades waiting for them. One soldier remarked, as he flew home from Vietnam that no one would sit next to him, or talk to him while he was on the plane. Nobody went up to him and thanked him for serving his country. He said that he never felt so alone, and ashamed for wearing his army uniform.

Our enemies drag our troopís dead bodies around the streets naked! Where is all the uproar and the demand for punishment to them?

But we are Americans, and weather you believe it, or like it, we are the leaders of a free world. We are the ones everybody looks up to for help when a hurricane, tsunami, or some other terrible tragedy occurs. I donít ever remember Afghanistan, Syria, or Iran sending out a helping hand to help another nation.

We are Americans and we are held to a higher standard, and thatís OK, because we are the leaders of the free world, and as leaders we must live to that higher standard. We must be the example to others. Itís sometimes not easy being the older brother.

But doggone, I am so tired of succumbing to the pressure of our enemies and the world, and being told that we have to punish and reprimand our troops for doing what our enemy does to us all the time. This is war! Nobody wins in war! It leaves scars, of its own, on each and every one of these military people; donít allow our enemy to publicly leave anymore.

The story is told of an anniversary for all of the troops that were involved in the death march of Bataan during World War II.

The 60 mile march was characterized by wide-ranging physical abuse and murder, and resulted in a very high rate of fatalities inflicted upon prisoners and civilians alike by the Japanese Army.

While the celebration was going on, an American veteran jumped out at a Japanese veteran, wrestling him to the ground while he began to hit and kick him.

The fight was broken up, and the American was asked what had happened? He said, ďThat Jap killed my friend.Ē After fifty years, he still held the vivid memory of his friend being brutally murdered by this Japanese solider. That emotion was still there.

Yes it was wrong what our Marines did to these dead corpses, because we, as Americans, must show the example and be the better man. We donít ever want to stoop down to their level.

We must always show respect. We are Americans.

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