We have to build one India : Rahul Gandhi

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8th October 2009
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Panvel in Raigarha district of Maharashtra, appealed to vote for Congress-NCP alliance for the welfare of common man. He said that people of Maharashtra have two options before them in this assembly election. "One ideology is that of Congress which talks about aam aadmi, backwards and the poor while other talks about India Shining and some selected people," he said.
Congress General Secretary said that India under the UPA government is progressing very fast. "We had promised in 2004 that if country moves forward, aam aadmi will move forward; and we have fulfilled that promise," he said.
He further said that the UPA government launched NREGA for the rural poor to provide them 100-days guaranteed employment. "Wherever we go, we ask the people that which scheme benefits you most? They talk about NREGA; but during parliamentary debate our opposition had criticized it saying that we were wasting money," he said. He further asked, "The money meant for rich class is not a waste, then how can the money spent for the poor be a waste?"

He said that sixty years ago when India got independence not many people in this country were rich; almost all were poor. "But during last sixty years, some people became rich while half of the India is still languishing in poverty; we have to bridge this gap and build one India," he said.
Congress General Secretary said, "Our country is progressing fast but we have to ensure that surplus money be used for the literacy, health and employment generation for the poor. We have to connect both Indias."
Talking about the strength of common man, he said, "Every individual is the strength of this nation and we have to groom this strength. We have to make sure that the villagers get employment in their native place like their urban brethrens. Villages should make progress like cities."
Speaking about the works done by UPA government he said, " We have launched NREGA, laon waiver for farmers and enacted RTI; and in coming years we will do more for the common man"

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