Ways to get Pregnant

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This clause is wrote in an attempt to assist women who want to get pregnant quickly, once you have made that conclusion to have a baby just like most matters in life people tend to "want it now", alas getting a baby is not like going to the local store to buy the ingredients for lunch.

In fact the chances of getting pregnant quickly are rather remote, for a healthy pair under the age of 25 years the odds are only 25% in any given month, that is reporting for the fact that you are having normal sex at the good time, these odds go way down as you get older, in any way stressed, a smaller less than very fit, or in anyway associate nourished (which in this day and age applies to many of us).

These conditions also apply to your partner, lets not forget that he has got to provide half the ingredients by way of sperm these sperm case an uphill task (literally) and it is essential there is a ready provide waiting for the egg to emerge, healthy sperm can live for between 5 to 7 days inside the vagina ready for the day, however unhealthy sperm may not even get to the tubes, so it is really important to have a ready supply of good healthy sperm.

Three Affairs on Best Ways to Get Pregnant .

Have natural sex at the right time during your cycle, do not think when this is by a right thermometer and use it over the course of a a few months or buy a simple fertility predictor, chart the waverings, and then look for a small 0.5 increment in body temperature,this SHOULD indicate the period of maximal fertility.

Beware it may simply last a couple of days, once you have graphed this for a couple of months you should be capable to foretell when your period of ovulation is due, then start making sex regularly for more or less a week prior to, this should determine a ready supply of sperm eagerly awaiting the big day!

DO NOT and I shall replicate do not apply artificial lubricating substances during sex they kill sperm "DEAD"

they can sit in the vagina for weeks and will totally destroy any little opportunity of conception,

even medicament of any kind in your system will greatly reduce your opportunities, mind of own hygiene products (most are killers), also perfumed tampons and towels, use a Ph neutral and no fragrant soap or cleaner only.

Sexual Climax, Orgasm and Orgasm again - sounds good eh? Well it is as well good at assisting you to get pregnant fast, How? when you give an climax the cervical muscles contract tightly causing the sperm to literally be sucked deeper into the vagina. Don't orgasm? Don't worry, you can assume the effect of an sexual climax in the vagina by tightening the lower pelvic muscles and drawing them in, best explained as the conscious and sometimes serious effort of stopping yourself urinating when you have drunk far too much fluid and are still 10 minutes away from the nearest toilet.

So after sex activity just relax lay back and practise as they say practice makes perfect, do not concern you will soon get the hang of it.


I know how spoiling it can be if you have been testing to get pregnant for a while, but don't worry as stress is in itself not good, in fact it can be a major cause of infertility. in 99% of cases couples can get pregnant by nature and quickly just by following some simple guidelines for more information on best ways to get pregnant do not hesitate to visit me at Best Ways to Get Pregnant .

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Hi and greeting. First I wanted to give thanks God for giving a chance for me to get pregnant and now I already got 2 kids. For those who are searching on best ways to get pregnant, Im ready to share some guides and hints in this article. May God bless all of you.
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