Ways to Conceal Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a persisting problem in today''s day and age for men and women alike. Most people blame it on shampoos that have harsh chemicals or stress but there are a plethora of other reasons that qualify as the main culprits as well. These include, hormonal fluctuations, genetic patterns wherein a family member has had the same problem, Alopecia, lack of sleep due to unusual working hours, malnutrition and certain side effects of treatments for diseases like cancer and so many others.

Whichever cause it may be in your case you sure are way too depressed to have your beautiful locks thinning away in front of your eyes. The appearance of the scalp starts becoming prominent and more visible than it used to thus creating an embarrassing situation for you. Although it is advised that you check with your doctor to get early treatment for your hair loss by first diagnosing the cause, here are a few tips to either curb hair loss or hide it effectively:

- Hair Thickening Shampoo:

These shampoos do not really affect the hair loss but they help the hair to appear fuller with volume. You also have the option to choose from hair thickening conditioners or leave-in conditioners that give the bouncy look to the hair.

- Brushing Wet Hair:

Do not brush your hair when wet. They are at the weakest of bonds in their roots when they are wet. Allow your hair to efficiently dry of all the moisture before you start stroking it with a comb or a hair brush. Also, after using a hair thickening shampoo make sure you use soft strokes of your hairbrush to maintain the thicker look.

- Styling products:

There are a number of good quality hair styling products that camouflage the hair loss and the appearance of large portions of scalp. Styling gels are to be avoided because it only gathers all the hair together just highlighting the empty spots on your scalp. Creams and lotions that add a lustrous and thick texture to your hair should be used if you need a new and fuller look with your thinning locks.

- human hair extensions:

If you haven''t noticed already, the best of the rich and famous celebrities use hair extensions. Not everyone is blessed with sultry long locks so hair extensions prove to be the next best alternative to have a fuller looking lengthy hairstyle which can be experimented with a lot of hairstyles. Use of natural human hair for 20 micro loop ring is recommended and they can last anywhere around a week to a month.

- Blow-dry your hair:

If you want an instant lift to your hair that is lying low due to the thinning a quick blow-dry is recommended.

- Wigs:

Wigs are the most convenient, easy and great-looking solution to hair loss. Wigs are worn by patients of varied diseases that have caused balding or even by stylish personalities who would want to experiment with their looks. Wigs can be made up of synthetic or natural hair fibers. Both are vastly used, but since natural hair fibers on a wig is more real they are preferred a lot these days.

- Take Vitamin supplements:

Vitamins like B and C are good if taken in regular doses along with any other specific medication your doctor may have advised. It is best to get the doctor''s opinion first.

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