Waxing Aftercare

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Brazilian Waxing can be a painful experience if you donít go to the right place. However, whether you are looking for waxing in Kingís Cross or Clapham, there are plenty of places that will do not only a good job, but also one that removes much of the unnecessary pain that some less adept practitioners can cause.

However, whether you have your Brazilian Waxing done by an expert or an amateur, you will still experience discomfort if you donít ensure that you give yourself the appropriate aftercare. Whilst having such a clean look may lead you to want to pamper the said area, it is best to refrain for a good 24 hours. It is best to avoid any product that may be perfumed or contain alcohol, whether that is soap, cream or deodorant, as this is almost certainly going to cause aggravation. Likewise a hot bath may seem like a soothing idea, but any very hot showers or baths are again going to cause you some serious discomfort.

However, do ensure you keep the area clean. Wherever you have had waxed, the pores in this area are going to be open and getting any dirt in these open pores will lead to spots forming. Ensure you wash your hands before touching any waxed areas and lightly cleanse the areas as and when you can.

Finally, avoid tight clothes around the waxed area, or wearing any materials that are rough or highly synthetic. Loose, natural clothing will best help the area recover quickly and ensure that you donít get any extra unnecessary irritation. Make sure those clothes are clean too, to avoid the aforementioned spots.

So whether youíre looking for waxing in Kingís Cross or anywhere else in London, make sure you choose the best beauty clinic to do it for you and fully look after yourself for the next day or so afterwards.

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