Wavy Hair to Curly Hair

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Curly hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyle in 2009. Make your wavy hairstyle into curly is a good idea to follow the fashion trend. But how to change the wavy hair into curly? And how to make the hair curl and stay in? Here are some tips and process to help you to control your hair.

To keep your hair away from the damage, a roller set is recommend by most hair stylist, but it only last a few days. This is enough! Let's try it.

Wash your hair before the process. Wind the roller in hair tightly to avoid it hurt your hair. After all the winding work finished, tie a net on and dry your a bonnet hair dryer. The drying process should be last about 40 minutes. After removed the net and rollers, loosen the curls and comb them with a bit of hair spray. You will be looked like as different person, with no frizzy bits sticking up, everything nicely in place.

As it mentioned at the beginning, the curls which be made by hair rollers will only hold this style for a few days. You'd better wear a shower cap when in shower, because the steam will relax your hair (curls and bangs) back to square one.

All in all, it's worthful to spend an hour on treating your hair to get a few days of perfect curly hair.

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