Waterjet Torch Cutting

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A lot of people are more concerned with the environment than ever before. A little known way of helping the environment is by using a water jet cutting device as opposed to another type. There are several good benefits of using water jet cutting vs other types of cutting such as a torch cutting device. In this article it is hoped that you will have a better understanding of how beneficial water jet cutting really is.

One of the benefits of water jet cutting is how versatile it is. The cutting stream can be modified to fit whatever you need so it can cut through any number of different types of materials. There are a few types of material that it cannot cut through. These materials include some types of ceramics, tempered glass, and diamond. It does not matter how thick the material you are trying to cut through is, the water jet cutter can cut through materials over 18 inches thick.

Another great thing about water jet cutting is that it does not leave abrasions on the material you are cutting. Sometimes with torch cutting the heat interferes with the structure of the material. with the water jet cut there is no heat affected zone or HAZ. The water jet cut can also make intricate cuts that other types of cutting cannot. The width of the cut can be easily changed by changing a part of the nozzle.

Water jet cutting is very green. There is no hazardous materials left behind by using a water jet cutter. It is less expensive that way too, because it eliminates the need to dispose of waste that is left behind. Another cost effective thing about water cutting is its ability to cut large pieces of metal for scrap that other methods of cutting would not normally have been able to use.

As you can see water jet cutting is really the method to go. With good versatility and the ability to cut through nearly any material you cannot go wrong. It is cost efficient and safe for both you and the environment. What more could you ask for.

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