Water treating methods

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Not the secret, which a today's condition of water from under the crane does not approach for the use without any processing. Townspeople aspire though somehow to provide themselves and the family’s qualitative water. Potable water purchase not always is safe as the majority of firms have no licenses for the goods and sell not checked up water, providing consumers a cheap product.

Thus, the majority nevertheless wishes to protect it self and native from illnesses and decide to choose household systems for water treating. We will tell about what ways of water treating in house conditions happen:

The way of a mechanical filtration is provided with installation in the filter of the device which clears water. There are devices rough (do not pass insoluble particles of sand or a rust крупностью from 5 to 500 microns), thin (detain particles from 0,5 to 5 microns) and ultrathin clearing (detain particles less than 0,5 microns and even bacteria).

Way absorption where as a sorbent the activated coal is used. This method allows to clear partially water of the dissolved organic chemistry, free chlorine and at the same time to keep in it useful substances.

The way of an ionic exchange occurs to participation ионообменных materials. In the course of clearing from water ions of heavy metals, rigidity salts etc. effectively leave.

At a way of oxidation the technology where a different sort of substance accept such forms which are easy for filtering from water is used. By means of this way iron and manganese leave, for example.

The way a filtration through membranes - seminontight Polypropylene, thin-film acetate and so forth To this method concerns so-called return osmose at which the filtering membrane detains practically all substances, except water molecules. It, it is possible to tell, a universal way of water treating.

The way of electrochemical clearing is one more, and perspective enough, a way of processing of water. At it passes through capacity of a special design in which under action электролиза there are difficult oxidation-reduction reactions. Thus viruses, bacteria, microorganisms can be destroyed, organic and other harmful substances collapse.

You should take advantage of all this knowledge at a choice of the filter for water treating. Then it is necessary to pay attention to two criteria - a way of clearing and a condition of your water, simultaneously commensurating them with own financial possibilities.

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