Water Conservation Technologies

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Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage.

Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies. It is time humanity used these technologies for water conservation.

Farmers in Gujarat have gone hi tech, after their visit to Israel. Israelis made their deserts bloom with drip irrigation technology and Israel is a leader in this field.

Half of Israel is desert land and Israel was facing acute water shortage. The Israelis solved the problem by Drip Irrigation Technology !

Rainwater Drip Irrigation is the combination of both. Rainwater harvested from rains is used as the Drip Irrigation Tank.

Suppose out of the 8760 odd hours in a year, we get 100 hours of rainfall. We can harvest 200,000 litres of rain water, which can be used for irrigation and flushing. If we can use Aquaguard or such water filters, we can make the water potable. This is the wisdom behind Rainwater Harvesting. Only the nominal initial investment is painful. We can save money, water and time ! No need to take the hose and water the garden for one hour, no need to start the motor and irrigate the farm for another hour ! Hours are saved. Water is saved and ultimately money is saved, as rainwater is free !

It is disconcerting to hear that many parts of India are facing acute water shortage.

The solution to this problem is Rainwater Harvesting. All info can be had at www.rainwaterharvesting.org This is the offcial RWH site of Indian Govt. The Govt has started a lot of Centers for Science and Environment to combat this problem !

Percolation tanks should be built to store water, thus vitalising ground water resources. This stored water can be used for irrigation. ( also drinking by aquacleaning it ).

In my village, in Annakara, Trichur Dist, some unscrupulous elements stole sands from the paddy fields, with the result a big lake was formed in the paddy fields. Now people are fishing there ! This acted as a percolation tank and all wells have sufficient well water ! A negative act became positive !

There are some causative factors for the water shortage. Earlier the paddy fields, the wells and the tanks served as Nature's rainwater tanks and now people are destroying the paddy fields and concrete structure are replacing them. The wells are also destroyed, as well as the tanks. Rubber and Acacia are trees which absorb a lot of water and planting these trees also deplete water wealth. So this water shortage is more or less self-created and Rainwater Harvesting is the way out ! Without water, there is no Life !

Tree are being cut and shopping complexes and houses are rising where the trees were. Such acts only add to Global Warming. Temp in Kerala touched 43 degrees and she is going the way of Madras, where 45 degrees have been reported. In Chennai, rains are rare and she is very hot !

Rainwater is free. For water used for irrigation and drinking purposes we have to pay a price. In our farmhouse, we have to pay electricity charges for pumping water out from a well. For potable water also, we have to a pay water bill. On the other hand, rainwater is a free gift, bestowed by Nature !

By the true and beautiful penetrated
From Water was everything first created
Water doth everything still sustain
Ocean ! grant us thine endless reign ( Goethe )

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