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One of the best things about Broadband or high speed internet is getting to watch all of the favorites online. there are some sites which offer free viewing, there are some which offer free viewing only after the member registers and pays a once only payment which can guarantee free access and viewing of the whole year, some even as long as two or three years.
However, watching TV online can be pretty frustrating especially if the net is slow and buffering interrupts the smooth flow of the movie. This is one downside of watching the TV from the computer which really cannot be avoided for there are a lot who are now just discovering the benefits.
But there is one thing that the viewers must understand; there is no way to watch a popular episode before it is to be shown on network TV. But for those who want to know the schedule of when the episode is to be aired, all they need to know is to but the TV Guide magazine or go to the TV Guide online. There, you can look over the schedules for each of your favourite programs and take note of the dates and times.

But really, if it is online there is no need to fret about missing an episode as once it is aired by the network, immediately it can be accessed on the internet after. This is the convenience of stress free TV. No one needs to be home to make sure they catch their favourite shows and they donít even need to record it either.
Remember those days when we had to buy blank VCR tapes and program the VCR player to the dates and times of the favourite programs just so during weekends we could watch the shows? Those were the days which were expensive. Well this is no longer the case.
To get a better view, simply log into the favourite site which streams the TV shows online and hook up the computer to a compatible TV. That same TV can also be hooked up to the media center and it is just like watching movies, but only TV shows. The sound would be fantastic as well. In fact, shows like True Blood, known to be censored in some areas, are shown in their full and interrupted versions.
The convenience of online TV is one innovation that has changed the world in so many ways. Some donít even bother to subscribe to cable anymore. It is now even better since the Internet TV was introduced just a month ago.

The author is a passionate writer and blogger and he loves to write on entertainment channels like tv gids online so that he may update the viewers on the programs that is highlited everyday.

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