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Television is the main mode of entertainment for the mass. Nowadays as most of us are hooked to the computer, literally very little time is for many to tune in to the television. Many curse their busy schedule for missing their favorite programs. Online TV comes as a boon to such people. With this option, now one can watch their channel on the computer itself. Thus for people who are constantly on the move such as the business people, this live TV made possible through intelligent use of internet technology is a great treat. As laptops have become more common, watching TV while on the travel through online resources is no big deal now.

One of the most advantageous things about this internet TV is the zero cost it comes at. For people who already have a paid internet connection, their internet bill is all what they have to pay. There are many websites that air the TV channels for free. They profit from the advertisements they broadcast before or in between the videos they play for you. As these advertisements are programmed to be very short, this definitely does not annoy the watchers and this is how the TV online gets all the money from.

A lot of technologies are being used for enabling the watching of television online. Some of the technologies include services such as live streaming which is a great hit with the online TV watchers. Other services that are provided are the VoD systems, peer to peer services, etc. some of the handy gadgets such as the nokia N95, iPhone, etc also enable you to watch TV online.

One of the major problems being encountered is the necessity for a viewer to register and then download the applications. If the process is that they can log on to a website and watch whatever they want, it would be a lot simpler. But once downloaded, the programs can be watched without going online for a period of one month.

However in order for a viewer to watch high quality content through this online television, the bandwidth and the internet connectivity have to be much faster. While 500 to 1500kbps will suffice a normal TV, about 3500 kbps is necessary for viewing the high definition television channels. Also since the broadcasting rights vary from one country to another, the same channel content might not be visible across different countries.

watching television online is a very simple process. All you need to have is an internet connection. As like you search for information in a search engine, you can enter the name of the television program you want to watch. Just append the words "online streaming". It takes just few minutes for your program to appear on the screen.

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