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With a esay to use innovation, Live Internet TV has definitely scored the full points on userability. The adjustment and installation process has been the smoothiest one out of all Internet TV software. Equiped with Free Personal Video Recorder, you can save your favourite movies and TV shows immediately onto your hard drive, making it easier for you to watch anytime. This system is an All In One entertainment system, with everything you can ever ask for.

For any product with this kind of rate, it has to follow up with exceptional aftersale support. Live Internet TV is by far the best Internet TV company providing the best technical support to their client base. This is one of the reasons why many customers around the globe has selected Live Internet TV as their Internet TV supplier.

Is it Safe and, or Legal to use Internet Software to watch TV?

I have been asked this question again and again. It is actually a real good question because you must definitely be wondering about this. "If I can just download TV for this bargain price, why would cable TV companies charge me $50 or even more than $100 monthly?" You must be thinking now that there has to be a catch.

Live Internet TV has done some explore on the Cable TV market and what we have found out is more than shocking. According to our findings, it is actually legal to download Internet TV online. Wondering why? Because you have already paid for your monthly internet service. It doesn't make sense that you still have to pay for another service charge when you've already paid for your internet service, does it? Just like you do not pay for your email accounts.

Now, if you are interested to found out more on Internet TV, we suggest you to find out more from our reviews.

What are the main differences of Internet TV VS Traditional Cable TV?

The main differences are:
1. Cost
2. Channel Selections

Cable TV companies has been around for about 50 years. But, it wasn't unitl the last 20-30 years that TV boardcasting has become so pop that almost every home has some sort of monthly subscription overhaul in the form of either cable TV or satellite TV.

Traditional Cable TV service has been the main stream entertainment for home family worldwide for the last twin decades because of its easy to assess and tecnhological advancement. Cable TV has been our companions since the days of cartoons to now big box Holleywood Movies. It wasn't until the last 10 years Internet (or World Wide Web) was on the spur of the moment invented and then everyone of us get distracted and being sucked to this huge selective information extragenventgany. To say the least, Internet has invaded every avenues of our lifes. And Cable TV has no elision.

Traditional Cable TV has been changing too. Now, intead of the old school parallel cable box, you have PVR (Personal telecasting Recorder), DVR, (Digital Video Recorder), High Definition programs. These big communication companies has been trying to keep up the latest technologies. However, not without costs, you know how much your latest digital box (Personal Video Recorder) cost you at the begining of the cable installation? Couple months ago the cable guy installed my PVR told me that I will have to pay banging $650 for the hardware if I want to extend my subscriptions after the 3 months test? period. I almost want to tell him that I will cancel my service by the end of trial period without questions while he was installing my system. blank out to mention that I did have to pay $60 for his installation and I am paying $80 per month for the 3 months period for my 85 channels subscriptions (it will go up to $170 monthly afterwards) Well, I mean ... having the Cable TV is magisterial, but I have to confess that I am not that excite when I receive my cable bill.

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