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The final episode of V this 12 months didn't precisely make a substantial leap plot-wise nonetheless it did dole out a number of mystery arcs that lay the groundwork for the rest with the season when the indicate returns early following year.

Erica, Father Jack, Ryan and Georgie take the first step in fighting the Vs by searching for loopholes on their Healthcare initiative. Evidently, the aliens have come up with a V vitamin injection to supercharge human immune systems which can deal with blindness and beat cancer, but not the common cold.

The renegades believe the V vitamin is bad but we learn that there's nothing really incorrect with it. For the other hand, the Site visitors are planning to mix lethal injections with human flu vaccines.

And the worst issue about it's that Anna is having advantage from the media along with the predictability of humans, understanding that any health scare will cause them to get their flu shots in huge numbers.

But the renegades are not without having a remedy. Ryan, who has also revealed to Erica her true V nature, blows up the warehouse that is made up of the V medicines but not before leaving the message, "John Might lives!"

As a final point, Valerie isn't just a minor character unsuspectingly dating a V. She also occurs to become Tyler's therapist and is now expecting a child with Ryan, who isn't exactly enthusiastic about it. Besides what the baby will look like, I'm curious to see how this cross-breeding storyline plays out.

We nevertheless will not know what are the Guests see in Tyler but he seems to become "the one," based on Anna and Lisa. He's also the 1st human to enter the engine room.

Unfortunately, Joshua's correct hand man, who's also a single from the loyal members from the 5th Column, takes the fall for Dale's death and obtains skinned alive on Anna's orders by none other than healthcare chief Joshua.

Following covering a story within the V's healthcare initiative, the V's advanced technology was able to detect an aneurysm in Chad's brain.

He's obtained six months to reside but could get treated and could get past the long waiting listing by producing some sort of arrangement using the Vs. It would make me wonder if Chad genuinely is sick or if the V's are just utilizing his "sickness" to manage him and the media.

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