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TV has been our main source of entertainment for decades now. Most of us look forward to some relaxation at the end of the day in front of our idiot box watching and following the shows we enjoy best. But there are times we long for more. And that's exactly why cable TV came into the picture, followed by satellite services.

Today you can watch TV on the internet and that isn't just a convenient option anymore but one that offers you untold choice in terms of entertainment. That's just the start of the advantages that online TV shows offer.

As part of our job, we're constantly connected to the World Wide Web and that includes our homes. What could be more convenient to use that one connection to both work and watch TV online? You don't even have to get up from your desk to do so.

Then there's the stupendous choice that online TV shows offer. Whether you're a follower of world news, sports, fashion, movies, gossip, various forms of art, etc. you're bound to find it online. The best part is that a good part of this entertainment comes in optimum quality. Note that I didn't say that everything that's available for viewing is of good quality. That's because with so much of choice there comes that compromise in quality. Having said that though, it must be mentioned that the internet is better equipped to cope with high definition quality that's the current rage than our regular TVs. In order to be able to watch HD programs, one generally has to spend money on buying a new TV set. However, with the internet, it's all about software which can often be downloaded for free online.

The biggest benefit of this possibility however is the fact that we can watch TV online for free! Think of all the money you can save in terms of cable and satellite TV expenses. The one internet connection you pay for will cover all your work and entertainment needs.

Even if you're averse to watch TV on your laptop, you have the choice to make use of HDMI technology to connect it to your TV and continue to enjoy entertainment on as big a screen as you like. In order for you do so however, keep in mind that your internet connection must be 3mbps at least.

While on regular TV you are given numerous unwanted channels that you probably never even browse through, online TV shows can be suited to your precise likes and dislikes as far as entertainment options are concerned.

Decide to make the choice to watch TV online and you'll open up a door to a whole new world of fun, entertainment and relaxation.

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