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TV online was not even thought of in the distant past and technology has helped to make that true. There has been may people who has been complaining of missing their favorite shows when they are travelling and that has caused the technical people, marketers and sales people to come out with a solution. The internet has caught the imagination of all and younger generation has been more interested in exploring the new points of technology. The cost of computers and internet connection has been declining every year and there has been additional cost reduction in good speaker system adding to the convenience.

The Online TV has caught the imagination of very big channels like Fox TV, CNN and so on and they have been offering their services through online which can be streamed to the computer and that would be a very big advantageous position to the company. The cost of entertainment has been increasing and that has bought some alternative measures to be thought of.TV online has helped the people who has been staying in other countries outside their homeland for job purpose. They have been able to see their favorite programs by staying in their house without having to fight for remote. This stays true for people who have been staying in bachelor rooms by sharing the room with everyone.

Live TV has helped million of sports lovers to know their favorite team scores by staying in office. For example, if a person wants to match the friendly between Argentina and Germany football match, he or she will have to make sure that the room mates are more interested in seeing that match and that will be a big headache. For that to be overcome there has to be a Live TV that would be transmitting images to the laptop or personal computer.

This is where the concept to watch TV online has caught the imagination of the viewers and there has been added advantage of travelling through bus or train or in aero plane and the matches cannot be missed. Online TV has been giving much advantageous position of recording the program to the hard disk of the computer and viewing it at later time. It also gives the additional option of seeing many international channels which cannot be thought of in the normal TV.

TV online has never been thought of becoming a success but has caught the imagination of viewers thanks to the advantage that it gives to the viewers. This can be said as the new mantra in the entertainment and it sure is to take the ad business move forward. Online ads will take a commanding position in near future.

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