Watch Special Vietnamese Programs of New Year’s Eve on DirecTV

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Time is high when people go in frenzied mood as it is time for New Year’s Eve celebration. You will go on a ball and there will be plentiful of delicious food, jubilance and loads of entertaining programs. Well, so far as entertainment on television is concerned go for DirecTV deals with exclusive programs and services. Another thing to be noted is that United States is not a home ground of American citizens only, over the years it has turned out to be the abode of multitudes of foreigners who have settled down in every corner of United States. So as special treat on New Year few Satellite providers have tried to bring home quality entertainment. But it is seen they have utterly failed in sufficing the need and demands of their foreigners. However with the coming of DirecTV these foreign denizens have heaved sigh of relief. Especially for this New Year they have turned on to DirecTV channels and explore the best of entertainment industry. Especially for Vietnamese folks DirecTV Satellite TV programs are the best bait in hand.

For more fun and frolic, DirecTV packages for Vietnamese have incorporated special offers for its viewers. With DirecTV Receivers, they can get the scope of recording several hours of programs thereby enabling them to replay the stuff and enjoy them watching as per their own convenience and preference. Even DirecTV’s whole home DVR facility gives them the scope of recording programs in one room and continues watching it from another room with the help of a single DVR.

Plus, you can enjoy variety in programming content as well. Be it sports, movies, songs, drama, news items and many more you will get them all at DirecTV. Also enjoy them in completely digital technology that ensures livelier pictures and quality audio thereby enhancing your amusement factor to a great extent. Now you ask about the type of packages that are available at DirecTV. Broadly speaking DirecTV packages for Vietnamese include VIETDIRECT HONVIETV, VIETDIRECT VHN, VIETDIRECT Basic and one SBTN a la carte channel. You will thoroughly enjoy them all.

First of all, on VIETDIRECT HONVIETV you can get exclusive 5 channels that are stuffed with exclusive programs and content. Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) is the first 24X7 network on Vietnamese language in US that broadcast programs like news, sporting event, films, chat shows, kids’ programs and many more in Vietnamese language. TVB Vietnam airs exclusive TVB dramas and exclusive films for television. Avail this exclusive 24/7 TV Vietnamese channel HONVIETV, that offers a wide ranging programs like “Paris by Night" and all the famous plays in Korean language.

You can also get Little Saigon Radio, a famous radio station in Vietnamese language that offers all the currents news events and stuff. Besides there are two more channels like Tai Seng Vietnam and Vien Thao Television also are available.

Nest in the row is VIETDIRECT VHN you can view channels like SBTN, TVB Vietnam, VHN-TV, Little Saigon Radio, Tai Seng Vietnam, Vien Thao Television.
VIETDIRECT Basic, another exclusive package, offers special channels like SBTN, TVB Vietnam, Little Saigon Radio.

Moreover you can also avail one a la carta channel, SBTN, at your programming platter.

DIRECTV gives you special deals and promotional offers. Select your favorite DIRECTV channels from the Vietnamese package and keep enjoying DIRECTV packages. For more information please visit:

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