Watch Samantha Who Online to find how a mishap changes somebody for better

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The two seasons of ABC's sitcom Samantha Who perhaps encapsulate the famous saying that there is a good effect behind every incident. In the short lived TV show, we get to see that how a real-estate executive Samantha Newly finds herself a completely new person after losing her memory due to a car accident. The main attraction of this sitcom is its plot which tried to convey the message loud and clear that not everything which happens in life is bad. Despite the fact that the show is no longer available on TV, die hard fans watch Samantha Who online to revisit the exciting seasons.

After her accident the 30-year-old Samantha realizes that her approach towards the people around her was not at all acceptable previously. This prompts her to the change her attitude not only towards her family but also friends. With actress like Christina Applegate in the lead role, the comedy series managed to touch the hearts of the fans simply because of the perfect representation of how one should amend him/herself. Those who used to watch Samantha Who episodes will agree with the fact that everybody dislikes a person without courtesy. Before her accident Samantha Newly was hated by everybody because of her selfish and unfriendly nature.

Most of us don't realize how we behave with our parents and friends. We do not bother to find out how bad they feel when we behave selfishly. The gap between us and our close ones starts to widen gradually and by the time we realize our fault it's too late. Although Samantha Who is a work of fiction, it actually preaches the simple philosophy that it is high time that we change our selfish attitude and try to amend the mistakes that we commit. It is important for those having problems in their relationships to watch Samantha Who online and learn from it.

Since the show is no longer aired on TV, the best way to watch Samantha Who episodes is to attain the membership of a subscription website. In addition to Christina Applegate, the show includes some of the top notch TV actors like Jennifer Esposito, Kevin Dunn, Melissa McCarthy and Tim Russ among others. The use of single camera set up is one of the key features of the show.

As a result of such a set up, the viewers get to see in detail every character. Apart from excellent cast and production crew, the show heavily scores because of its presentation and theme. The hit and run case of Samantha Newly is justifiable because it's the sole incident which carries forward the entire plot. So buck up and search for an authentic website to watch Samantha Who online.

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