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Watching free internet tv and catch up TV is great isnt it? Especially the great Hulu website showing all the greatest TV shows. However, if your a non US resident then you must be cursing every time you hear the name Hulu. Because you cannot watch it outside the US can you? Well actually, yes you can so long as you know what your doing and dont mind a little hassle to get going.
Because of copyright laws and license agreements going on around the world, the website checks your IP address and if you are anywhere other than within the US then you get the dreaded message saying your unable to view.
Watch Hulu and you can watch full TV episodes and movies from NBC, Fox, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, MGM, Lionsgate and more. Top shows include Battlestar Galactica, The Simpsons, Naruto, Bones, House, Arrested Development, Prison Break, Family Guy, The Office, Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report, American Dad amongst many other TV greats.

So now that your appetite is suitably wetted, how do you watch Hulu outside the US? Well heres where we get technical and talk about proxies and Virtual Private Servers.
Watching Hulu outside the USA
Now the first option is a software product that creates a virtual private network. This fools Hulu into not realising your outside the USA. Just install and run HotSpot Shield, in your taskbar you will see a small icon. Mouse over and right click, connect to Hulu and start watching great TV.
HotSpot Shield is a little erratic and only has a miserly 8GB bandwith limit so you may only be able to watch a few shows or movies before you have to stop
Another way to watch Hulu is to download Ultrareach. The idea behind this product is to allow users of the world to enjoy the internet, especially in highly policed countries. After running it will connect you to a US proxy and therefore allow you to watch Hulu in peace
Ultrareach can affect your antivirus software and you may get many warnings from your PC but it is fine to use

Next is AlwaysVPN (which at time of posting is temporarily down). This is a free to use virtual private network that passes all of your internet useage through it in a similar way to Hotspot.
This software also makes you view advertising whilst watching
So there you have it. It is possible to watch Hulu from anywhere in the world. The solution is available, just not so simple. But until they sort out the stupid restrictions of useage its all you got.

The sensational TV show '24′ May be having a hard time in the ratings war on traditional TV. But it's having a great time on Hulu.
The latest Nielsen ratings for Fox's hit show are down over 20% when compared to it's run in 2007, however online viewing on the Hulu website is looking good.
Hulu, the Fox/NBC joint tv website has not disclosed exact stats for 24′s episodes shown from season seven on Sunday night. But the episodes made up four out of Hulu's top 15 popular videos.
The big question is will the online catch up tv episodes affect the advertising revenues for Fox, and why are viewers watching online?
Well, part of the reason may be the reduction in advertising. When watching 24 via traditional TV you have to sit through 20 minutes of TV ads. On the Hulu website viewers can just watch a trailer for 20th Century Fox's action thriller Taken and watch 24 with no advertising at all.If you dont want to watch the trailer then you need to endure five 30 second adverts during the 24 episode.
The viewing figures for the two night premiere of 24 was down over 20% when compared to season six's premiere. Ratings for the back to back episodes three and four were down from last year by an even bigger 22%.
Although Hulu is gaining massively at the expense of the TV version, the loss in advertising will need to be recouped somehow. So dont get too used to the ad free internet tv version. It may not last too long.

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