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House is a favorite show to many in the world. It's executive producers Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs, David Shore and Bryan Singer who brought forth this new take-on to mysteries placing an irreverent and controversial Doctor House against a medical malady.

So that's Dr. Gregory House, an absolute iconoclast, grim even to his patients. A constant physical pain troubles Dr. House and seems to have brought over him a brutally honest demeanor, made prominent further with a cane by his side. Unsocial by appearance and a maverick by heart, House is a story of his unconventional thinking paired with flawless instincts. A specialist to contagious diseases, Dr. Houses' brilliant diagnosing capabilities are challenged by medical puzzles that he must solve and save a few lives. That makes House so full of suspense

This episode was all about Wilson, seen through his eyes. We already have a ‘House' centered on Cuddy and you can now watch a new perception of Wilson, which gives enough time for developing his character. I accept that we are familiar with him, but the intensity that was created by the episode was awesome.

In retrospect, I was not even a fan of ‘House', because there was an absence of dramatic or spectacular elements, but the characterizations made the episode a beauty. The character of Wilson and his guilty remorse, his donation of a portion of his liver, why he was miserable and the manner in which he lived out his resentment, all superbly portrayed and the entire episode was well scripted.

House has been one of those shows on television that reached out to its audience and grabbed them at once. If you missed on an episode or started watching one late, it's your chance to get updated on the missed storyline and track of events.

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