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House MD is a TV show about different medical scenarios. It gets the viewer attention at the very beginning of every episode. Plus, it makes the audience eager to know about the future seasons and episodes. Each episode has its own surprises. It is better to watch house MD from the first season, so you know about every person role in the show.
The name of the TV show has been placed base on the main character name in the show. House is a doctor with a very high IQ. He diagnoses the patience in a very unique way. His intelligence is beyond medical treatments and that's what makes the viewer to watch House MD.
The variety of cases could happen in the medical field is numerous. House MD mostly covers the rare cases. It even makes the real life medical students curious to watch every episode. There can be multiple guesses on what a disease could be. In the TV show you see different symptoms of a disease which it can possibility be the same symptoms with another disease. Therefore, the doctors' intelligence has to step in, in order to know what really is happening to the patient.

Fans can Watch House Online through website. This site has all the episodes available and they have the site updated on weekly basis. Watching House MD can be a very pleasant experience. It makes you to imagine and think of what could come up in the show. For a second time, try to start watching the TV show from the first episode.

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