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The last book of the Harry Potter saga finds our trio of protagonists in unfamiliar territory. Having left Hogwarts and cut all ties to their loved ones to pursue the destruction of Lord Voldemort, Harry, Ron and Hermione have taken refuge in the wilds of Northern England. As they search for vital information, the Death Eaters hunt them mercilessly. The three heroes are isolated, threatened, and forced to defend themselves with powerful magic. This is not the Potter of years past, and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is not like any Harry Potter video game you have played before. Designed to capture the desperation and deadly importance of Harry's mission, the game arms you with an array of deadly spells and sets you against a host of ill-intentioned enemies. Is firing spells with gleeful impunity as fun as you've always imagined it to be? We picked up our controller to find out.

The first thing you need to know about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is that it is a third-person shooter, complete with an over-the-shoulder camera, cover system, and targeting reticle. When running around, you see Harry's tousled hair and hoodie-clothed back, which were animated quite nicely in our demo build. If you slide into nearby cover with the touch of a button, you'll see the iconic glasses and, if you look closely, the infamous lightning-bolt-shaped scar. Ron and Hermione were nowhere to be seen in our demo, and the developers were cagey when asked about playing as characters other than Harry or the possibility of cooperative or competitive modes. Fortunately, Harry looked sharp and maneuvered well, and it wasn't long before hostile wizards forced us to focus on the action at hand.

The first enemies we encountered were snatchers--bounty hunters recruited by You-Know-Who that run in packs. We were on a quest to rescue some sympathetic wizards who were being held by Death Eaters in an abandoned factory complex, and as we picked our way through the industrial detritus, some snatchers appeared and started firing spells our way. We took cover as the speedy squiggles of light zipped by, and then we popped out to fire back some of our own. At this point, we were casting stupefy, described by the developer as "our equivalent of a semiautomatic pistol." Harry can cast this particular spell at a steady rate without needing to reload, but he isn't very durable, so you still need to make use of cover to avoid damage or let your health replenish.

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