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Animated movies help you to escape from reality and get immersed in the wonderful world of fantasy. These movies have carved a niche for themselves not only among kids, but also adults. In fact, some adults are keener to watch animated movies than regular movies. People like to download animated movies as these movies act as great stress busters.

echnically speaking, the frame by frame portrayal of individual paintings, drawings or illustrations makes an animated movie. This technique is also called stop frame cinematography. Every frame is slightly different from its predecessor and rapid presentation of these frames in succession with each other gives the illusion of movement. The frames need to be presented at a rapid rate of 24 frames per second to give the movement illusion.

In olden times animation movies consisted of hand drawn images, which were presented frame by frame to create a two dimensional movement illusion. These movies were purely imaginative and based on mostly animals or inanimate objects.

There is no strict genre category for animations as they are merely a film technique. Fairy tales were the most popular animated movies of yester years which were really adored by children. Earlier there was no option to watch animated movies online. Most of the movies were created to appeal the children. However, the entire family used to go to the theatres to watch these movies.

The earliest animation film was created in 1906 by newspaper cartoonist J. Stuart Blackton. The movie, titled Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, used the single frame method for the first time. J. Stuart Blackton went on to become the co-founder of the Vitagraph Company. The movie was presented at a speed of 20 frames per second and consisted of different frames of two faces displaying various emotions drawn on a blackboard.

Nowadays there are various websites through which you can watch animated movies. But you need to be careful while downloading from these sites. You should check the authenticity of these sites in order to avoid virus threats. Try to ensure that you are downloading from a safe website, which is not subjected to the whims of hackers and cyber criminals.

Watching animated movies online is a privilege, which can be availed by sitting at home itself. Due to advanced technology, the picture and sound quality of the movies is well maintained by the websites. Besides, you can select from a wide range of animated movies including the yesteryear hits.

If there is shortage of time, there is always the option of downloading the animation movie of your choice and viewing it at a later convenient time. Furthermore, you can download all your favorite movies and create your own library at a negligible cost. So, for instant merriment, do watch animated movies online.

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